June 4 is not history, Chinese Americans hold many activities to commemorate June 4

At noon on May 29, dozens of Chinese came to the Garden Corner Plaza in San Francisco’s Chinatown to clean the “Chinese Goddess of Democracy Statue” that stands there, indicating that the activities of Chinese Americans commemorating the 32nd anniversary of the June 4 massacre were officially launched.

Since June 4, 1989, the annual candlelight commemoration rally held in Victoria Park by Hong Kong people has been banned by the Hong Kong government, making the commemoration of June 4 by Chinese Americans the largest in the world. In the evening of June 4, the “Freedom Sculpture Park” in Los Angeles, founded by the great pro-democracy sculptor Chen Weiming, held a June 4 commemoration rally with more than 500 participants from all over the United States. At the rally, Chen will unveil his latest work, a statue of the Communist Party’s top leader with a new crown of poisonous strains on his head, entitled “The Communist Virus,” and lay the groundbreaking ceremony for the “Memorial for the Victims of Communism” in the park.

U.S. Congressman Chris Smith, who chairs the China Committee of the U.S. Congress and Administration, will come all the way from Washington, D.C., to attend the June 4 commemorative rally at Freedom Sculpture Park and to receive a grant from the China Foundation for Democracy Education. “He will receive a special contribution award from the China Foundation for Democracy Education and attend a breakfast in his honor hosted by the Friends of Smith.

On July 13, 2020, in retaliation for the U.S. sanctioning four Chinese officials for human rights violations in Xinjiang, Beijing announced sanctions against Smith and four other U.S. lawmakers and officials.

On the evening of June 3 and 4, the Chinese community in the United States will hold various commemorative activities to commemorate the June 4 massacre in front of the statue of the Goddess of Democracy at the Chinatown Garden in San Francisco. “The rally will commemorate the 32nd anniversary of the June Fourth Massacre.

The June 4 message, “Tears never dry, blood never cold, never forget, never give up”, was issued by the groups, pointing out that in China today, the Chinese Communist Party, represented by Xi Jinping, a heartless clown who wants to be the emperor even after being stripped naked, has carried out fascist rule in the country to the extreme, and more than one billion people have been brainwashed and monitored. The Chinese Communist Party has been legislated and defined as a “genocide and crime against humanity organization” by the United States and some countries in the European Union, and all the evil acts of the Chinese Communist Party are 10 times more brutal than fascism! They have curbed the freedom of the Chinese people to act on their own initiative and have trampled on their own discipline to such an extent that more and more dissidents in China and Hong Kong are being detained, arrested and sentenced. Even the annual commemoration of the June Fourth Massacre, which has been held in Hong Kong’s Victoria Park for 30 years, has been banned by the Chinese Communist Party since last year.

On the eve of the anniversary of June 4, Hu Ping, a US-based pro-democracy theorist, published an article entitled “The Ultimate Battle to End the Chinese Communist Dictatorship”, pointing out that “June 4” has not yet become history, the murderous government is still sitting on the stage and continues to oppress the people, the honor of the dead is still being tarnished, freedom fighters are still in jail or in exile overseas, and the principle of justice is still intact. The principle of justice has not yet received even the most minimal assertion. “The June Fourth Incident is not a past tense, but a present tense. The commemoration of June 4 is not only a memorial, but also a struggle.

The article points out that today the world is in the greatest crisis since World War II, and opposition to the Communist regime has become more difficult and risky. But the world is also more alarmed and awake than ever before, and is more aware that the problem of the Chinese Communist dictatorship is not only a problem of China, but also a problem of the world and a problem of humanity. As we commemorate the 32nd anniversary of June 4, we must continue to raise the banner of freedom and democracy and join all those who cherish universal values around the world in the ultimate battle to end the Chinese Communist dictatorship.