Former State Senator Gorton Endorses Republican New York Mayoral Candidate Sliwa

Republican New York mayoral contender Curtis Sliwa holds a press conference outside the New York City Police Department headquarters on April 13, 2021.

Republican New York mayoral contender Curtis Sliwa (R) 26 said he received a public endorsement from former New York State Senator Marty Golden (R); in a statement, Golden told Republicans that he hoped they would vote for him during the June 12-20 early voting period and on June 22, the voting day of the Republican primary for New York mayor Sliwa.

Gorton, who is a retired New York City police officer, former New York City Councilman and former state senator, said that throughout his public service, he advocated a common sense approach to public safety and legislation to ensure the safety of his family, but that is no longer the mindset of today’s New York City, state and Washington officials.

It is well known that New York City was poorly policed in the 1970s. Gorton said that when Sliwa created the Guardian Angels patrol in the late 1970s, he made public safety a priority, so if he is elected mayor, he will also make New York City’s security a priority and pledge to provide the New York City Police Department with the funding it needs.

Gorton said that in addition to the security problems facing New York City, there is also an urgent need for property tax reform and to help rejuvenate the city’s small business economy, so from the perspective of New Yorkers, the New York mayoral election is actually crucial to their own and their families’ future, which is why he supports Sliwa.