Pompeo: the United States has long known that Wuhan Virus Institute engaged in military research

Former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Saturday, May 29, that the U.S. has long been aware that China’s Wuhan Institute of Virus Research is engaged in military research along with civilian research. He also reiterated that the former Trump administration believed that the Chinese Communist virus (New Coronavirus) originated at the Wuhan Virus Laboratory.

According to FoxNews.com, Pompeo affirmed in a 29-day interview on “Fox & Friends” that the former Trump administration knew that the Wuhan virus lab was conducting both military and civilian research.

I can say for sure that we know that they (the Chinese Communist Party) are doing research in the lab that is related to the Chinese military,” he said. Therefore, the military experiments are being conducted simultaneously with what they claim is benign civilian research.”

Pompeo described the Trump administration as knowing this early in the outbreak. He said, “When I first talked about the CCP virus being leaked from the Wuhan virus lab in the spring of 2020, I knew that there was a great deal of evidence about that: we knew that people were infected there, that researchers there were sick; we knew that they were doing virus function acquisition research, which is making the virus more infectious and potentially more lethal. “

He also condemned the Wuhan virus laboratory for refusing to inform the international community about the experiments it was conducting. They refuse to tell us what kind of military experiments they are conducting, they refuse to describe the nature of those experiments,” he said. And when the WHO went to Wuhan to investigate, they refused to allow the WHO access to those labs.”

He urged the Biden administration to continue to investigate the source of the Wuhan virus, to find out exactly what happened in Wuhan at the beginning of the outbreak, and the functionally acquired research on the virus that the Wuhan Institute of Virus Research was engaged in. “It’s very important,” he said.

The paper said former President Trump believes the reasoning behind the Wuhan virus lab leak is plausible. He said this week that everyone now understands and supports him in that view.

In a statement, Trump wrote, “Americans now agree that I was right to refer to Wuhan as the source of the Communist virus and to sometimes refer to that virus as the ‘China virus’ very early in the outbreak.”

The Trump administration’s State Department had released a fact sheet on the CCP virus in late January of this year, stating, “The U.S. government has confirmed that the Wuhan Institute of Virus Research has collaborated with the CCP military on both overt and covert projects; the Wuhan Institute of Virus Research has been conducting classified research on behalf of the CCP military, including animal experiments in laboratories, since at least 2017. “

The statement also warned that “if only a few people were initially infected and the infection was asymptomatic, the laboratory incident would look a lot like a natural outbreak.”

The report said that while it is known that the Chinese Communist virus originated in Wuhan, people are divided on whether the virus originated in the Wuhan fish market or the Wuhan virus laboratory. The Trump administration has supported the presumption that the virus was leaked from the Wuhan virus lab; however, the media and many experts have previously downplayed this claim, dismissing the virus lab leak theory as a conspiracy theory.

More recently, the Chinese Communist Party has begun to erect obstacles in an attempt to prevent the WHO from launching a second phase of its investigation into the source of the Chinese Communist virus. The Wall Street Journal, for its part, reported over the weekend that several staff members at the Wuhan virus lab were hospitalized in November 2019 due to symptoms similar to those of the CCP virus. As a result, many U.S. medical experts, dignitaries and the U.S. media have changed their views on the source of the virus.

President Biden issued a rare statement on Wednesday, May 26, acknowledging that the U.S. intelligence community has these two different views on the source of the CCP virus. The U.S. intelligence community also said this week that they are actively investigating the source of the CCP virus and will submit a report on it to Biden within 90 days.

Amanda Schoch, assistant deputy director of national intelligence for strategic communications, wrote in a statement Thursday, May 27, “The U.S. intelligence community is unclear exactly where, when and how the CCP virus originally originated, but has combined inferences into two possible scenarios: either through human contact with an infected animal that emerged naturally, or as a result of a laboratory accident.”

The Wuhan Institute of Virus Research is the top virus laboratory in the Communist Party. The lab created an archive of genetic information on viruses of concern to bats and engaged in related research following the 2003 SARS (also known as Sars virus) outbreak. And the lab has been criticized internationally for its transparency during the CCP virus outbreak.