Nanjing burst another revenge society incident man car ran over his ex-wife stabbed passers-by

On Saturday night (May 29), another revenge incident broke out in Xinjiekou, a central area of Nanjing, where a man ran over his ex-wife with his car and stabbed several passers-by. The brutal act sparked public anger.

About the incident, a number of live videos have been circulated online. One of the videos shows a woman injured on the ground, the front of a white car brushed up against her and tried to run over her. A passing man in black saw the situation and scolded the owner, so the white car backed up a few meters.

During the period, several other passers-by also came forward to block, a young man also tried to block the bike in front of the car. But at this point, the car suddenly accelerated, hit the blocking people, and ran straight over the fallen woman. The woman’s head and neck seem to be pressed to the wheels.

The scene sent a shriek.

Another video shows a man coming out of a gray and black car with smoke coming out of the front. Someone shouts, “Get him!” At the same time, a taller, fatter man quickly ran towards the man and tried to catch him. Who knows, the man got out of the car with a knife in his hand, stabbed five or six times in quick succession to the man. The people next to him tried to get close to stop him but could not.

Several other videos show the scene after the incident, many people fell to the ground, the ambulance has arrived. Someone said, “This one hit badly, this one won’t work I think.”

From the clip information, Nanjing seems to have multiple accidents on the night of the 29th, but a knowledgeable person left a message in the circle of friends that the perpetrator was the same person.

The informant wrote, “A man from the Golden Wheel (should be the local Golden Wheel Xintiandi shopping center) drive (car) over, hit three or four cars, then drive to the Sun Yat-sen statue, the car crashed into the scrap, stabbed five or six people, grabbed a car and drive to the sheepskin alley, run over people … tonight in Nanjing is too terrible.”

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There are also suspected medical staff who received the injured person in question sent a circle of friends to say, “The last night shift in the resuscitation room in May. A crazy person, driving a girl into a brain hemorrhage, and then fled. Later stabbed another man, a knife into the heart, and then a knife cut all the tendons of the right thumb. That’s not all, another stabbed another man… the first two are being resuscitated, the other one hasn’t been brought in yet… really evil, a living demon from hell.”

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At 0:36 a.m. Sunday (30), Nanjing police issued a bulletin saying they were called at about 9:45 p.m. on the night of the 29th. The suspect Ji Moumou (male, 41 years old, a native of Yancheng Binhai, Jiangsu Province) has been arrested. After preliminary investigation, the suspect committed the murder due to a relationship dispute. The suspect, his ex-wife (crushed woman) and six other injured people have been sent to the hospital for treatment, no life-threatening. The case is under further investigation.

Some netizens questioned the police notification of injuries, asking, “Really no life-threatening? Really great words.”

More netizens angrily denounced the perpetrators. They said, “This is a terrorist!”

“Emotional dispute? This is intentional murder, the scourge of social order, such ruthless people, it is recommended to be strictly sanctioned by the law!!!”

“I can’t imagine what it’s like to have a car run over a person. What kind of dark psychology can do it. Get out of the car and stabbed someone with a knife. After watching the whole heart is trembling.”

Others said, “Dalian car accident, Wuhan Poly, Hunan Chenzhou, Nanjing Xinjiekou, hell empty devil on earth. We don’t want to know how bad his past is, because no one is qualified to take innocent lives, which is the basic bottom line of being human. When you pick up a butcher’s knife, you are no longer a human being, you are an evil spirit.”

“This society is sick! It’s so scary.”

Current affairs commentator Tang Jingyuan also tweeted, “The mainland is turning into an ‘inhuman’ society, a huge and real ‘valley of the wicked’ that is constantly breeding demons in human skin. “

(The live video threatens to cause discomfort, so click with caution.)

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