KOL the new breed

Chief Executiveess Lam Cheng reduced the Vice Chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), who constantly monitors and criticizes her administration, to a KOL, causing controversy.

People on the side of the CPPCC Vice Chairman were dissatisfied and asked: other people have hundreds of thousands of followers, their voices are huge and they represent a wave of public opinion, but you do not even acknowledge this, do you still listen to public opinion?

This questioning is too small to underestimate our Lin Zheng. What about the hundreds of thousands of so-called likes in the virtual world of the Internet who don’t know if they are real or not? A million physical citizens came out to demonstrate and march against the amendment to the Chinese law, Lin Zheng did not have to pay attention to, those who do not know whether the water like and what is counted.

In Chinese culture, there is a long-standing idiom of the two sides of the slinger on whether to listen to the so-called public opinion. It seems to be a virtue to “follow good advice”, but the old ancestors tell you that sometimes you have to “choose good advice and be stubborn”. On the one hand, some people say you should “follow the world’s trends, and those who go along with them will prosper and those who go against them will die”, really?

On the one hand, traditional Chinese culture encourages you: “rich and noble cannot be lusted after, poor and lowly cannot be shifted, mighty and powerful cannot be bent”, on the other hand, it reminds you: “a great man can bend and stretch”. On the one hand, traditional Chinese culture tells you: “A great man sacrifices his life for righteousness”, but on the other hand, it warmly reminds you: “Ants can still steal life”, let alone people. The so-called great man, of course, is also a human being.

Therefore, Hong Kong people grew up with a part of native language educators who are already full of contradictions and confusion. After being exposed to Western culture and entering the cyber world, there are also the following varieties: one, readers, two, scholars, three, intellectuals, four, liberal intellectuals, five, professionals such as doctors and lawyers (these people are also highly educated, but are they considered part of the intellectuals or liberal intellectuals? Many Hong Kong people are confused throughout their lives).

Now, there is a new breed of professionals called KOL, whose professional status is not recognized by Chief Executive Lam Cheng, which is normal. Because KOL does not need a doctorate, do not have to publish academic papers in recognized journals, but KOL is seen as astronomy, geography, IT, economics, politics and philosophy, plus astrology, medicine and divination, with personal charisma, eloquence, than in the pheasant university to open a class on Camus and Wiggenstein’s students enrolled in the three or four kittens, KOL hundreds of thousands of believers, plus YouTube click class money, the highest monthly income can reach The monthly income can be up to 100,000 U.S. dollars or more. This will inevitably cause huge eye-catching syndrome near and far.

There is also a tragic: university lectures to accept student evaluations, especially in the United States, the rice bowl in the hands of students. The KOL is a new breed of knowledge.

This is a new breed of knowledge. In the colonial era, a Royal Society of KOLs could have been established by the sovereign state, like the Royal Institute of Architects. British KOL such as Piers Morgan, Andrew Marr, Christopher Hitchens, the status is still higher than that of Professor Oxbridge.