Hebei 27-story office building all burned black smoke rolled straight into the sky

Hebei Shijiazhuang Bridge West District, an office building 28 sudden fire, the scene of black smoke rolled straight into the sky. (Video screenshot composite)

Various disasters occur frequently in mainland China, Hebei Shijiazhuang Bridge West District, an office building 28 sudden fire, the scene of black smoke rolling straight into the sky. The local government reported that all 27 floors were burned and there were no casualties. Not long ago, Shijiazhuang, a 26-story office building on fire, the entire building is like a dragon of fire.

According to Hebei Shijiazhuang fire news, May 28, 15:02 received an alarm, located in the northeast corner of the northeast corner of the intersection of West Bridge District Viming Street and South Second Ring China City Building fire, the fire was extinguished after 1 hour, no casualties.

A shopkeeper near the incident told Extreme News that at about 3 p.m. that day, he found the back of the office building where his store was located rolling smoke and fire, during which he also heard a loud “bang”.

He said, “The fire started from the 4th floor, burned for more than half an hour, the office building corner of the 1st to 27th floor are on fire, the fire has been controlled.”

The office building’s property staff said in a telephone interview that she was afraid of someone in the building, is calling one by one to notify the owners of the building, one by one to check. For the fire damage and the cause of the fire, the staff said it was not clear, and then hurriedly hung up the phone.

The Internet video shows that the building fire ferocious. A female voice shouted, “Disaster is coming, my bird is still in the house, I ran down without clothes.”

Another video shows the fire burning from the ground floor all the way to the top floor, the whole building is like a dragon of fire, smoke rolls straight to the sky. The scene is quite amazing.

Shijiazhuang authorities in the briefing did not specify the cause of the fire, some informed netizens broke the news that it is said to be the back kitchen of the hot pot restaurant on fire.

Some netizens questioned, “What’s wrong with Shijiazhuang lately, there have been several big fires, what is this for?” “Shijiazhuang this year, why so many fires?” “Shijiazhuang must have a big event this year.” “It’s a good thing they moved away… otherwise it would be really scary.” “After the last fire, didn’t they conduct a fire survey? No lessons learned?”

Not long ago, March 9, 11:20 a.m., Shijiazhuang Chang’an District Zhongxin building fire, the fire started from the ground floor, straight to the top of the 26th floor, the whole building burned like a dragging black smoke fire dragon. The fire burned for more than 2 hours before it was brought under control. Local authorities reported that there were no casualties.