Influencing Education and Culture Writer’s California Exposes Teachers’ Union Insider

The Republican Party of San Mateo County, California, hosted a workshop on “Reinventing American Education and Culture” on Thursday evening, May 28. The guest speaker was Rebecca Friedrichs, a social activist, author, and commentator. In this seminar, Friedrichs exposed the inner workings of teachers’ unions, exposed the lies of teachers’ unions, and explained how communism and socialism have influenced California’s education system, content and materials, as well as the reasons behind the “sex textbook” reforms that have sparked collective parental opposition in California in recent years.

Rebecca Friedrichs has worked as an elementary school educator in Southern California for 28 years. From the first day of her career in 1988, she has been concerned about the policies and politics of teachers’ unions. In her view, teachers’ unions cheat people by charging huge fees, collecting billions tax-free each year, and spending all that money on propaganda of far-left political ideas.

She provided data showing that each U.S. teacher contributes an average of $1,000 a year to teachers’ unions. The two largest teacher unions in the United States, the NEA (National Education Association) and the AFT (American Federation of Teachers), have 3 million and 1 million members, respectively, and when multiplied by the $1,000 annual dues, the two unions collect a combined $4 billion in fees each year. 7 million dollars. And these revenues are completely untaxed.

What do the teachers pay for the union to do with the money? Friedrichs says that the California teachers’ union, for example, spends more than $200 million ($211,849,298) a year on political campaigns and election canvassing. The U.S. pharmaceutical industry spends about $100 million a year on research, only half of what the above teachers unions spend on political advocacy.

What kind of political ideas are California teachers’ unions spending so much money on promoting? Friedrichs cites the controversial topic of recent years – California sex textbook reform. California passed AB 329 (the Youth Health Act) in 2015 to fully introduce a sex education curriculum in public schools from kindergarten through grades K-12. In addition, the California Department of Education passed the Model Curriculum for Ethnic Studies this year, which is based on critical race theory and divides populations into white oppressed and oppressed people of color.

According to Friedrichs, the current disappointing state of education in California and the forced push for sexualized materials, among other phenomena, are the result of the infiltration and influence of socialism and communism in the United States. Friedrichs cited The Naked Communist, a book by Mr. W. Cleon Skousen, published in 1958, which exposed the Communist Party’s 45 goals of subversive action against the United States.

Friedrichs said, “Communists are atheists, they hate Judeo-Christian virtues, they hate freedom. They hated the family, they hated anything that came from God. So they tried to destroy all of that, they wanted to destroy the family structure, destroy morality, education and the family in order to take over society in order to have tyrannical control from above. Sadly, as we see now in America, it’s very difficult to get justice now. Because of all this, these atheistic Marxist, communist, socialists have infiltrated our institutions through the unions.”

Friedrichs said, “A lot of people think that these unions are their partners and their saviors, getting them raises to get their pensions. But what people don’t realize is that for more than 100 years they have been destroying our freedoms, our Constitution and our republican form of government. And they are very close to completing the destruction of our nation.”

For how to improve the state of education in California and rebuild our schools and culture, Friedrichs believes that the most important thing is to tell teachers and government workers the truth about government unions: “If people knew the truth about unions, they would be terrified and shocked. Therefore, we must stand with them and empower them. How do you defeat a bully? We have to stand together. The sad thing that has happened on our side for years is that people just bury their heads in the sand. Teachers just want to go along with the flow. And people didn’t realize they needed help. And now we’re all waking up. So now that we’re awake, let’s all stand up together.”

Also, for parents who have lost faith in public education, Friedrichs suggests non-unionized charter schools, where many teachers are volunteers. She urges parents to focus on physical homeschooling, as parents are their children’s first teachers, so homeschool (Homeschool) is also a good way to go. There are also organizations across the United States that set up their own homeschools.

About the seminar guests.

From April 2013 to June 2016, Rebecca Friedrichs conducted a groundbreaking federal lawsuit. As lead plaintiff, she sought to restore the First Amendment rights of free speech and free association to millions of public sector workers in the United States. Her suit, Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association, joins nine other teachers and the International Association of Christian Educators in a lawsuit against the National Education Association, the California Teachers Association and ten local unions and school superintendents. The court had planned to rule in favor of Rebecca by a 5-4 vote, but after the sudden death of Justice Scalia, the court was deadlocked. The court ruled “4-4”; although Rebecca and her fellow plaintiffs requested that the case be reheard after the court appoints a ninth justice, their request was denied on June 28, 2016.

She and her husband founded the nonprofit For Kids and Country, which works to unite teachers, parents and students to re-build American schooling and culture, and to educate the public and individual teachers about the lies of teachers’ unions. Her recent book on American education, entitled Standing Up to Goliath, exposes the underbelly of teacher union corruption through the accounts of dozens of witnesses.