Internal Communist Party document reveals 9 deaths from vaccination in Hebei by end of April -China’s first vaccine side effects monitoring report released, netizens unhappy

There are local confirmed cases in Hefei and Lu’an cities in Anhui Province. The picture shows a long line of people in Lu’an city for nucleic acid testing and vaccination. (Courtesy of the interviewee)

This wave of outbreaks in Liaoning, Anhui, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, etc., especially the emergence of mutated strains from the UK and India, has caused panic among the public, and people are lining up to get vaccinated, but the CCP has been concealing and covering up cases of adverse reactions caused by vaccination.

First Adverse Reaction Monitoring Report Released Only After 500 Million Doses of Vaccines

Prior to the administration of 500 million doses of vaccines, the CCP did not release a single report on adverse reactions to vaccinations, and the first adverse reaction monitoring report released on May 28 did not mention any serious adverse reactions that caused death or disability.

The CCP released the report on the monitoring of adverse reactions to vaccinations from December 15 last year to April 30 this year in the name of the CDC only three days after the mainland population received 500 million doses of domestic vaccines (May 28).

The official announcement said, “From December 15, 2020 to April 30, 2021, 31 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps reported 265 million doses of vaccination against the new coronavirus (CCP virus), with 31,434 cases of adverse reactions to vaccination reported, with a reported incidence of 11.86/100,000 doses. “

The official announcement stated that “26,078 cases of general reactions, accounting for 82.96% of the total number of adverse reactions, with a reported incidence of 9.84/100,000 doses,” and listed data related to high fever over 38.6°C, redness over 2.6 cm in diameter, and hard nodules over 2.6 cm in diameter, respectively. “5356 cases of abnormal reactions, accounting for 17.04% of the total number of adverse reactions, with a reported incidence of 2.02/100,000 doses” and announced that the top three were allergic rash, angioedema, and acute severe allergic reactions.

Finally the official incoherent mentions, “Among the abnormal reactions, 188 severe cases were reported with a reported incidence of 0.07/100,000 doses.”

The report did not mention details of the serious cases and was vague about the cases of death and disability caused by vaccination, which aroused public discontent on the Internet, as evidenced by the top three comments on the popular followers of the relevant reports on mainland websites.

The first popular post on the Netease report was from an Ethiopian netizen, “Netizen with attitude 03Tnk5”, who revealed the ineffectiveness of the mainland-made vaccine, saying, “Three Chinese citizens from the Eastern Industrial Park in Ethiopia died after being infected with the new vaccine in accordance with the embassy’s arrangement to inject two doses of the national vaccine in Ethiopia. “

The second-ranking post was “Give you a chance to reorganize your language.” The third most popular follow-up post directly asked the authorities: “There are no deaths.

The top three popular posts on NetEase 28 evening showed that netizens were unhappy with the CDC’s published report of vaccine side effects. (Web screenshot)

At least 9 people died from vaccines in Hebei as of April 30

According to an April report on “Analysis of AEFI (reactions) to XG (Xinguan) vaccine in Hebei Province” by the Hebei CDC’s Immunization Planning, which the Epoch Times has learned about, a total of 11,900,189 doses of XG vaccine were administered from Dec. 2, 2020, to April 30, 2021, with 1,542 reported cases of AEFI. 1542 cases were reported, with a reported incidence of 1.30 per 10,000 doses.

The “Analysis of AEFI (reactions) of XG (Xinguan) vaccine in Hebei Province” reported that from the start of XG vaccination on December 2, 2020 to April 30, 2021, there were 9 deaths and 269 people were still treated in hospitals. (Epoch Times)

As of April 30, of the cases transferred, 1264 have improved or been cured, 269 are still being treated in hospitals, and 9 have died.

Severe AEFI in the file: there are 35 cases, including these 9 deaths, 1 death from respiratory cardiac arrest, 1 death from subarachnoid hemorrhage, 1 death from acute myocardial infarction, 1 death from cerebral infarction, and 5 deaths to be determined.

There were also 1 case of brain hernia/cerebral hemorrhage, 1 case of facial nerve injury, 1 case of facial neuritis, 1 case of ocular muscle palsy, 1 case of sudden deafness, 1 case of multiple organ dysfunction, 1 case of myocardial damage, 1 case of optic neuritis, 1 case of cerebral infarction, 1 case of encephalopathy, 1 case of coagulation abnormalities-hemorrhagic disease, 1 case of stroke, 1 case of anti-synthetase antibody syndrome, 3 cases of anaphylaxis, 2 cases of acute leukemia, 4 cases of allergic purpura, and 4 cases of cerebral hemorrhage.

Vaccination problems in the mainland are difficult to be confirmed

A person in Hebei had a second dose of vaccine at the end of April and was observed for half an hour without any abnormality, but the next day there was chest pain with numbness in the left upper limb without any cause, and then he went to the hospital for treatment and was discharged almost two weeks later.

The Epoch Times reporter investigated and found that the patient did not purchase medical insurance and advanced 10 or 20,000 for the entire treatment process. The doctor who treated him did not say how to do, and it is not clear whether there are still sequelae, the hospital has allowed the patient to be discharged.

The local CDC said, wait for the top to handle. The first shot of the patient’s vaccination was from Beijing Biological, and the second shot was from Kexing Vaccine, not from the same manufacturer. The patient said helplessly that he didn’t know who to approach later.

Another person in Shibu County, Hebei, after receiving the first vaccination on April 1, had symptoms such as coughing and runny nose, then headache, dizziness with double vision and other symptoms, then sudden onset of unconsciousness, the hospital diagnosed “acute massive cerebral infarction” and admitted to the intensive care unit, and finally resuscitation failed on April 16 He died on April 16.

According to the source, the family of the deceased has not received any explanation or compensation. When the Epoch Times reporter contacted Dr. Tang, the doctor in charge of the hospital at the time, the other side hung up the phone without waiting for the reporter to finish. As of press time, the doctor could not be reached for more information about the deceased.

The first time I saw the woman, she died in the afternoon after being vaccinated on a certain day in January this year. Her husband, who is locally an auxiliary police officer at the Xinbin County police station, has not yet been reached by reporters, but his colleagues say the matter is sensitive and it is unclear whether they have been compensated.

And here are some cases that don’t even count in the CDC statistics.

A Beijing woman disclosed on Weibo that she had a serious reaction after she and her husband received the new crown vaccine, and the Weibo ended with @Beijing Tongzhou District @Beijing Health and Planning Commission Propaganda Center @Beijing Liuhe Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University and other institutions.

A Beijing woman made public online that her husband had a severe allergic reaction to the vaccine, and when she responded to the community and the hospital where the vaccination was given, she was told to get well beforehand and was not given any registration. (Web screenshot)

The woman stressed that neither she nor her husband are allergic and have never had an allergic reaction to anything in their history. The couple had their first vaccination on February 1 at a community-organized sentinel unit and went home after staying for half an hour with no discomfort.

On February 23, individual small red buns appeared on her husband’s body, and on the 24th he started to have a fever of 38.5 degrees or more, and the small red buns also started to increase, and on the 26th the fever did not go down, and the small buns started to increase in patches. . The results came out all negative and normal. Then she was asked to go to the dermatology department for examination and repeat the registration.

The woman said that the whole process was out of pocket not to mention that the back and forth made her husband suffer more. The doctor did not give a clear answer that it was an allergic reaction after the vaccine, but also said that it could not be ruled out.

The woman responded to the community and the Liuhe Hospital where the vaccination was given, and the hospital told them to see the doctor first and wait until they were well. The lady thinks that this kind of statement is too irresponsible, how can it be proved that it is an allergic reaction to the vaccine when the disease is well.

Netizen “next to be continued yh” also posted on May 21 that he had lost his hearing for five days and the hospital had diagnosed it as sudden neurological deafness, which required hospitalization and might not be cured. The symptoms appeared on the 9th day of the vaccination. The netizen also said that he made many phone calls to various pushes and now does not know where to call to react.

A mainland netizen disclosed on Weibo that he developed sudden deafness after vaccination. (Web screenshot)

A netizen also followed up with a posting about a tinnitus recovery group, which is full of this kind of sudden deafness caused by vaccination, with an average onset of 2.5 days, and more than half of them have problems after playing Kexing, and 70% have no physical discomfort and no medical history before vaccination.

There are also netizens who follow the posting that they took the vaccine on May 9 and had ear congestion and hearing loss on the 12th, and the vaccine manufacturer, Kexing, only said that the feedback was given to the CDC and there was no way to get compensation.

Mr. Li, who works in Shenzhen, told the Epoch Times, “I saw a video of a person who died unexpectedly during a half-hour observation period, and someone took a video on the spot. The official side effects are not reported and concealed, which makes people very uneasy.

He also said that he had a friend who was in very good health, but after the vaccination, the whole person was drowsy and had no energy for the whole afternoon. “In cases like these, I wouldn’t dare to get the vaccine anyway.”

He stressed that “like abroad they have the responsibility to collect, because vaccination accidents, the state gives you the responsibility to collect and compensate. But the Chinese (Communist) government is openly irresponsible. The confirmed case in Shenzhen was also not informed that it was contracted after vaccination.”