Florida governor: Democrats also unhappy with epidemic shutdown Move to red state

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis recently said that the “vast majority” of people moving to Florida from other states are registered Republicans, including Democrats who fled the state because of the economic shutdown caused by the Chinese Communist virus (COVID-19).

As a Republican governor, DeSantis has refused to adopt an economic shutdown policy during the outbreak. In recent months, DeSantis has issued executive orders and signed bills ending statewide muzzling and closure orders and blocking the implementation of so-called “vaccine passports,” measures that have been widely praised by conservatives.

DeSantis said Wednesday (May 26) that he believes those who have heard false reports may not come to Florida. But most people see through that. “I’ve also met a lot of people who, frankly, are Democrats, but the economic shutdown during the epidemic turned them into Republicans.”

Responding to Fox News’ Sean Hannity’s comments, DeSantis said many people in New Jersey, New York and California, unhappy with their states’ economic shutdown during the epidemic and with far-left policies, have left their states of residence for red states like Florida.

DeSantis said he “met a lot of people” who identified themselves as Democrats but are now Republicans because of the teachers’ union’s decision to shut down schools. “People say, ‘I used to be a Democrat because of education, and I live in California, but they shut down my kids’ schools. So I came to Florida, and now the kids are in school. People are very liberal and happy here.'”

He added, “If there’s a political party that puts the interests of teachers’ unions above the importance of whether kids can get an education, that’s what the Democratic Party is today.”

There is growing speculation that DeSantis could run for president in 2024 if former President Trump (R-Texas) does not run again.