Li Xiaolin video has been circulating, claiming that the first ten years of her career did not rely on her father’s shade

“As the 32nd anniversary of June 4 approaches, the family of former Chinese Premier Li Peng, one of those responsible for the crackdown on the students, is in the spotlight again. A video of Li Peng’s eldest daughter Li Xiaolin’s speech is making the rounds on the Internet. In the video, Li Xiaolin recently detailed her experiences to students at school, claiming that she did not rely on her father’s connections during her first 10 years at the grassroots level.

In the video, which has been circulating since May 27, Li Xiaolin said that for the first ten years after graduating from college, she worked quietly at the grassroots level in the power system for ten years until she was transferred to the central energy ministry to work before her identity was revealed. She also said that she as Li Peng’s daughter, which may cause “resistance” for her work.

The background of the video shows Li Xiaolin giving a speech at Shanghai Jiaotong University.

Checking the Chinese network, the official website of Shanghai Jiao Tong University said on April 29, 2018, that Li Xiaolin and her delegation visited Shanghai Jiao Tong University to talk about the basic overview of the Silk Road Planning and Research Center. In his capacity as executive vice president of the Silk Road Planning and Research Center

Netizens: prove their “ability to capitalize on the zero” has become Li Xiaolin’s life “career”. The Queen of Prada’s justification tells us that the red power and noble children in the grassroots pretend years is 10 years, after which, even if you stupid as not eat meat surimi Jin Huidi, will also rocket up.

Born in Beijing in 1961, Li Xiaolin, 60, is the daughter of former Chinese Communist Party Premier Li Peng, who once held a prominent position in China’s electric power system and was known as China’s “First Sister of Electricity”.

Li Xiaolin often appears in the public eye dressed in expensive designer clothes, and almost always becomes the center of attention. At the time, Li Xiaolin even became a fashion trendsetter, with the media commenting on her designer clothes.

In May 2018, the CPC Central Organization Department agreed to the retirement application of Li Xiaolin, then deputy general manager and member of the party group of China Datang Corporation. Thus, the end of the “sister of electricity” nearly 35 years of power career.

In April 2018, Li Xiaolin attended the “One Belt, One Road” and Health Industry Development Forum at the Boao Forum for Asia. In November of the same year, Li Xiaolin became the Chairman of the Management Committee of Tao Xingchi International Education Foundation and the President of Xingchi Silk Road Institute.

In May 2019, Li Xiaolin attended the meeting with the principals of all the students of “Silk Road I” of the Hsinchu Silk Road Institute as the principal.