Investigate the origin of the Chinese Communist virus WHO experts: time is running out

Whether the Chinese Communist virus leaked from the Wuhan virus laboratory has once again become the focus of international public opinion. Some WHO experts have warned that time is running out to examine blood samples and other important clues in China, and called for a second phase of investigation into the origin of the virus to begin as soon as possible.

The World Health Organization is currently holding a World Health Assembly to discuss the second phase of the investigation into the origin of the Chinese communist virus. Some members of the WHO expert panel warned that time is running out to investigate some important clues about the origin of the outbreak.

Thea Fischer, a Danish epidemiologist on the panel, said a key part of the second phase of the investigation would be to test samples from blood banks in Wuhan and other parts of China for antibodies. But she said blood banks in China usually destroy samples after two years, so there really isn’t much time left.

A WHO expert panel visited Wuhan earlier this year and issued a joint report with Chinese experts in March concluding that it was highly unlikely that the virus had leaked from a laboratory. But according to the panel members, they were unable to view the raw data or the original condition of the lab at the time, nor were they able to see security and other records.

WHO Director General Desai Tan called for a fuller investigation into the lab leak hypothesis and said he was prepared to send experts to that end. However, the outside world is not optimistic about further investigation by WHO.

Dr. Zhang Tianliang, an expert on current affairs in China and the United States: “Actually, it is very difficult to get diplomatic support (from the Chinese Communist Party) for this kind of investigation, in fact, I think the most likely thing is that this kind of investigation will not be concluded, because the Chinese Communist Party will never let you conduct an investigation, it will certainly destroy all the evidence.”

President Joe Biden this week asked the U.S. intelligence community to quickly clarify the origin of the Chinese Communist Party virus within 90 days. U.S. intelligence officials have informed the White House that they have a wealth of uncensored evidence that could potentially provide clues to unraveling the mystery of the virus’ origins, The New York Times disclosed Friday.

The Biden administration also urged U.S. allies and its intelligence agencies to unearth existing intercepts, witnesses, biological evidence and find new intelligence to determine whether the Chinese Communist government covered up the accidental leak, the report added.

Dr. Zhang Tianliang, an expert on current affairs in China and the United States: “In fact, the more the Chinese Communist Party does not allow the investigation, the more it feels like the Chinese Communist Party has a ghost.”

A year ago, almost the entire scientific community viewed the hypothesis that the virus leaked from a laboratory as a conspiracy theory. In the past few months, however, the tide has swiftly turned, and 18 of the world’s leading scientists joined forces this month in an article in the journal Science to demand an investigation into the cause of the plague pandemic. The scientists wrote: “We must take the hypothesis of a laboratory leak seriously until sufficient verified data are available.”