Surprise! Talking about cell phones through the line of cars young woman instantly disappeared under the car

A young woman in Ukraine was talking on her cell phone while crossing the line of cars, and as a result, her whole body was caught under the mixer truck. (Taken from the Ukrainian police Facebook)

A young woman was talking on her cell phone while crossing a line of cars on a busy street in Ukraine’s capital, Kiev, when she stopped in front of a concrete mixer truck and was knocked down by the mixer truck after it started moving.

The incident took place on Kiev’s Ivan Sirko street, and the horrific process was captured on the street’s surveillance cameras. A young woman in a red top was talking on her cell phone while crossing the line of cars, probably too focused on talking on her cell phone that she was distracted, or maybe she was watching the opposite direction of the oncoming cars, when the woman suddenly stopped and stood in front of a concrete mixer, and the next horrible event happened.

Because the woman was standing very close to the mixer, the driver seemed to be unable to see anyone in front of the car, and when the mixer started it hit the woman directly, instantly involving her under the car. The mixer was still moving slowly forward, but fortunately the driver immediately found that the situation was not right, immediately stopped to check, and rushed to the police. (Click to watch the video)

According to reports, the woman was then taken to the hospital, where the police only said the woman was hospitalized with injuries and did not disclose the condition of her injuries. The incident is still under investigation.

Local police posted the video on Facebook on May 22 and said it was a live case of a woman who violated traffic regulations by using her cell phone while crossing the street, causing her to become distracted. Police reminded people to avoid sliding their phones or talking on the phone while walking on the road.

It is worth noting that the woman did not use the crosswalk at the intersection when she crossed the street. The Kennan Institute’s blog Focus Focus Ukraine says pedestrians are prohibited from crossing outside of designated intersections if there is a divider or if the road has four or more lanes of traffic in both directions.