Good news from Costco

Affected by the new Guan (Chinese Communist virus) outbreak, Costco has suspended sampling activities since March 2020, the company’s chief financial officer Richard Galanti told CNN earlier that about 170 stores across the United States are expected to resume sampling in early June, and other stores are expected to resume at the end of June.

Costco resumes tastings

In view of the impact of the epidemic, the sampling activities will take more health precautions, including sample cutting areas are equipped with plastic glass partitions, the amount of samples provided will also be changed to small packages, and only one customer at a time to try.

The layout and menu of the food area will also be adjusted. 560 outlets, in addition to the addition of outdoor seating from June, the indoor dining area will also be wider, the original table for 6 to 8 people will be limited to 4 people.

The menu, which was originally limited to hot dogs and pizza to take away, will also include more options, including a new and improved version of the Jena bar, which will be available on July 4, and new ice cream to replace the original frozen yogurt.

Grandy said that the store’s food section business has not yet returned to the pre-epidemic level, it may take several months to restore performance, but Costco’s menu will continue to launch secret weapons in the future.