Israeli experts worry about Hezbollah’s 200,000 missiles: 10 times the threat of Hamas

Supporters of Lebanon’s Hezbollah hang the party’s flag on the border fence between Lebanon and Israel on May 25, 2021.

During the 11-day conflict between Israel and Hamas, Hamas has tried to paralyze central and southern Israel with rockets. Now, strategists are keeping a watchful eye on other potential threats, with one Israeli expert pointing to a larger threat in the north.

The executive director of the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT), a nonprofit international organization, Garneau (R), is a member of the International Society for the Study of Terrorism (ISST). ), told the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) that he is primarily concerned about Hezbollah in the north following the end of the fighting between Israel and Hamas. Hezbollah in the north. Hezbollah is a Shiite Islamist political and military organization founded in 1982 with Iranian funding to destroy Israel and drive Western forces out of Lebanon, and is now the main opposition party in Lebanon.

“As an Israeli I have to admit that this is not the only front I am worried about. I look north and I see Lebanon and I see Hezbollah.” Gano said he estimated that Hezbollah could have as many as 200,000 missiles and that Israel would face 10 times the challenge from Hezbollah than Hamas has in the past two weeks.

After studying the recent war, Gano believes Hezbollah will try to outflank Israel’s top defense facility, the Iron Dome. Gano also noted that Hezbollah has not only rockets, but missiles as well.

“What’s the difference between a missile and a rocket? A missile is a guided rocket. You can guide it. You can direct it at a target, so they have guided missiles with much larger warheads …… and they can cover all of Israel’s territory. They can fire rockets from Lebanon and hit Eilat, the southernmost part of Israel.” Gano further explained.

“The Christian Broadcasting Network has reported that Hezbollah’s facility in the Lebanese capital of Beirut can convert rockets into guided missiles as part of a multi-billion dollar project funded and supported by Iran.

Garneau said, “Iran has built this powerful capability for one purpose and one purpose only in my view, to stop an Israeli attack, to attack their nuclear facilities that are being built in Iran.”

Gano stressed that once they have a nuclear bomb, it will be an existential threat to Israel. Because Israel is very small, it is unlikely to recover from a single nuclear bomb.

Gano said Hezbollah is an unprecedented challenge to Israel and that the recent Israeli-Hamas conflict is dwarfed by any war to counter it.

As the U.S. seeks to rejoin the Iran nuclear deal, the head of the U.N. nuclear watchdog says Iran is now enriching uranium at the level of a country developing nuclear weapons. As that progress accelerates, Israel finds that it may only be a matter of time before that threat arrives on its northern border.