U.S. female drivers decisive stop successfully prevented a man from jumping off a bridge to commit suicide

A female driver for the Rhode Island Public Transportation Authority (RIPTA) successfully prevented a man from jumping off a bridge, using her “extraordinary compassion and selflessness” to save the man’s life in time.

Scott Avedisian, CEO of RIPTA, said in a statement, “To say she was extraordinary would be an understatement.”

A short time ago, bus driver Eldorada “Ellie” Giblin was driving the Route 33 bus on the Providence-East Providence route as usual when she came upon the Henderson Bridge. when she suddenly noticed a man who appeared to be planning to jump off the bridge.

She immediately stopped and walked down.

“People around me were just taking out their phones and taking pictures or videos of them, and it was sad to see such indifferent reactions,” Giblin told RIPTA afterward, “I told my passengers not to worry and that I would be right back.”

A man plans to jump off the Henderson Bridge. (Google Street View)

As she approached the man, Giblin let him come to her side. Afterward he cried, “No one cares about me!”

However, Giblin assured him that she really cared, and for further proof, she invited him to come to her on her next off-duty shift.

Before long, the man did step back from the railing and hugged Giblin, even saying he wanted to go home. Giblin managed to stay with him a little longer, hoping that emergency personnel would arrive before he left.

When Giblin realized he was planning to drive away from the scene, she made him promise not to hurt himself, “and I made him pull the hook with me as a promise.”

When she returned to the bus, the passengers cheered and applauded her.

On the same day, RIPTA gave public praise to Giblin for her outstanding performance, and Giblin said she didn’t think she had done anything remarkable.

“Giblin’s performance reminds us that there are many good people in this world,” said Avidisian, “and that acts of kindness can make a huge difference. We are proud to have employees like this.”

According to the Centerstone Center for Health and Wellness, suicide is the 10th leading cause of death for individuals in the United States. The belief that one “doesn’t care” is one of the most common perceptions that leads to suicidal thoughts.