The British “Indian variant of the virus” confirmed a surge in a single week 6959 cases accounted for 75% of new diagnoses

Wuhan pneumonia (new coronavirus disease, COVID-19) Indian variant of the virus recently ravaged the United Kingdom, fearing that the local epidemic was gradually slowing down again. The UK Department of Public Health said on the 27th that up to 75% of the new confirmed cases recently were caused by the Indian variant of the virus B.1.617.2.

The comprehensive foreign media reports, the United Kingdom on the 27th single day 3542 new cases confirmed, a new high since April 12. The UK Department of Public Health released data on the same day, pointing out that 6959 new cases of Indian variant virus were confirmed in the past week, a surge of 3535 cases compared with the previous week’s data, and accounting for 75% of the total new confirmed cases. According to the report, the majority of the confirmed cases of Indian variant virus in the UK are patients who have not been vaccinated, and only 3% are people who have received two doses of vaccine, showing once again the importance of vaccination.

The report pointed out that the British health minister Matt Hancock (Matt Hancock) stressed that most patients still come from the more serious outbreak of Bolton (Bolton), Bedford (Bedford), Blackburn with Darwen (Blackburn) and other hot areas, the government is doing its best to curb the spread of the variant of the virus.

In this regard, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson (Boris Johnson) said that there is no clear evidence that the original June 21 unsealing plan must be delayed, but he also revealed that in view of the recent rapid spread of the Indian variant of the virus in the United Kingdom, if not timely control of the epidemic, to achieve full unsealing may indeed need to “wait a little longer “. The government will formally decide on June 14 whether to unseal in accordance with the original plan, said Health Minister Hancock.