Variant virus is too fierce! Malaysia’s epidemic has worsened sharply in June, the country closed the city for 2 weeks

Malaysia 28 informed Wuhan pneumonia (novel coronavirus disease, Covid-19) new confirmed cases, for the first time exceeded 8,000 cases, face. In response, Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin announced a two-week nationwide lockdown from June 1 to maintain only essential business activities.

The Prime Minister’s Office announced on the evening of June 28 that from June 1 to 14, the country will be under a total lockdown, stopping all business activities except for the necessary economic areas to be announced later by the National Security Council, AFP, AP and Malaysia’s Sin Chew Network reported.

The country’s 8,290 new confirmed cases on the 28th, is the fourth consecutive day to set a new record for a single day, 61 new deaths, raising suspicions that the epidemic may be out of control; as of the 28th, Malaysia’s total of 549,514 people infected, 2,552 people died, 40% of the sick and dead were reported in this month, nearly five times more than the number of people who died of the disease last year.

The Prime Minister’s Office said that “the emergence of a new strain of virus with higher and faster transmission and ferocity” has led to a worsening of the epidemic in the country, with the number of patients continuing to increase and already overwhelming the nation’s hospitals. In addition, officials also believe that the recent Muslim gatherings during the fasting month of Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr have also contributed to the rise of the outbreak.

The government said that the first phase of the lockdown will last for two weeks from June, and if the number of confirmed cases decreases daily, a second phase will be launched for four weeks to open up some economic activities, and then it will return to the current state of epidemic prevention, which means resuming all economic activities other than social ones. The government will also increase the number of vaccinations to achieve herd immunity in the coming weeks.