U.S. Believed to Have Uncensored Information on Origin of New Crown

According to senior U.S. government officials quoted in The New York Times on May 28, intelligence officials have informed the White House that they have a wealth of unexamined evidence that needs more analysis and could potentially provide clues to unraveling the mystery of the virus’ traceability, before President Biden’s request for 90 days to quickly clarify the origins of the new coronavirus pandemic.

The officials declined to shed light on the new evidence, but their hope that the large amount of analysis to answer the question of whether the virus was accidentally leaked from a Chinese laboratory is itself an indication that the U.S. government may have additional databases on Chinese communications, the movement of laboratory staff and the status of the Wuhan outbreak trend, the report said. And in addition to consolidating scientific resources, the Biden administration is committed to urging U.S. allies and intelligence agencies to dig into existing intercepts, witnesses, biological evidence and find new intelligence to determine whether the Chinese government covered up the accidental leak.

A senior Biden administration official said the virus traceability investigation has not gone far enough and that a new investigation would activate the federal government’s national laboratories and other scientific resources that have not previously been directly involved in intelligence efforts.

A World Health Organization spokesman also announced at a U.N. briefing this Friday that WHO experts will make recommendations on a new round of research into the traceability of the virus.