Taiwan’s single-day new crown death cases reach record high Japan may provide vaccine to Taiwan

The outbreak of NSCN in Taiwan continues to worsen, with 19 new deaths reported on Friday (May 28), the highest number of deaths reported in a single day since the outbreak began. At the same time, Taiwan’s NSC vaccine is “coming in” and Japan has indicated that it intends to provide surplus NSC vaccine to other countries and regions, including Taiwan.

According to data released by Taiwan’s Central Epidemic Command Center, there were 299 new confirmed cases of NCC in Taiwan on Friday, and 258 corrected cases returned to Taiwan, for a total of 557 cases. The cumulative number of confirmed new cases in Taiwan has reached 7,315.

The number of new deaths in Taiwan reached a new high of 19, surpassing the 13 cases a day earlier, bringing the cumulative number of deaths in Taiwan to 78.

The Command Center urges the public to “implement personal protective measures such as hand hygiene, cough etiquette and wearing masks, reduce unnecessary movement, activities or gatherings, avoid crowded places or areas with high risk of infection transmission, and actively cooperate with all epidemic prevention measures to strictly guard the community.

Taiwan has recently announced that the national alert level 3, which was scheduled to expire on May 28, will be extended to June 14.

Taiwan has previously been viewed as a model for epidemic preparedness, but the recent rising number of confirmed cases and deaths, as well as its roughly 1% vaccination rate, underscore the importance and urgency of vaccination. However, the speed and dosage of vaccine procurement in Taiwan seems to be far from keeping up with demand, and Taiwan recently slammed Beijing for politically interfering in Taiwan’s vaccine negotiations with German manufacturers, leading to a broken contract.

Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen said on Facebook that she has held several discussions with Taiwan’s Minister of Health and Welfare and Commander of the Central Epidemic Command Center Chen Shih-chung, and that in addition to focusing on how to prepare medical resources and assist local governments in epidemic prevention, the progress of vaccines has been one of the important topics. She previously revealed on Facebook that Taiwan has negotiated for 30 million doses of the vaccine and will have 10 million doses in place by August.

Tsai said Friday that the first batch of 150,000 doses of Moderna vaccine had arrived in Taiwan. More vaccines will follow,” she added. Our mission is to get the most number of the country’s people vaccinated in the shortest possible time.”

According to the Japan Broadcasting Association (NHK), Japanese Foreign Minister Toshimichi Mogi said Friday that the government will provide surplus New Crown vaccine to other countries and regions, including Taiwan.

At a press conference, Toshimichi Shigeki said it is important to ensure that all countries and regions have equitable access to safe and effective vaccines.

He added that Taiwan has previously provided various forms of support to Japan in times of need, such as donations to Japan after the March 11, 2011, Great East Japan Earthquake. Although Taiwan’s domestic vaccine will be available in July, the vaccine may still face a shortage before then, so consideration will be given to providing the vaccine to Taiwan.

Reuters reported that Japan has now received more than 400 million doses of the vaccine, twice the amount needed for adults in the country.

Tao also said that Masahisa Sato, convener of the LDP’s Taiwan Policy Seminar Task Force, said earlier Friday that the government should provide vaccines to Taiwan as soon as possible.