When is the best time to change jobs

People of the previous generation used to say that the present time is the best time for working people. Because every working person has the right to choose their job freely. 30 years ago, everyone’s job still depended on the assignment.

But there are more choices and more troubles. A person’s career is only 30 years, where each step of the choice has a very big impact on the subsequent development. So when you want to change jobs how to make the right decision? Here I give you some advice, I hope to bring help.

Five must change

Must change a: for the industry is very unlike

It is often said that “men are afraid to enter the wrong line, women are afraid to marry the wrong man”, each workplace people first need to choose an industry that they like and suitable. Choose the right career can do twice as much as half the work, and vice versa.

I previously a college classmate, after graduation, could not resist the persuasion of the family, back home to join a bank. This person’s personality is introverted and wooden, is a typical “will not come to things” of people. But his professional knowledge is very solid, people are also down-to-earth and sincere. But in such a provincial bank, he simply can not open. Every day to work like a prison, colleagues throw work to him to do, and the credit but nothing to do with him, the leadership also do not see. I persuaded him several times to leave the bank to break out, he did not act because of the estimated views of the family. Now a few years have passed, I guess even if he wants to come out, there are not too good choices.

In Pointer, there is also a classmate who was in the bank before, she found out that the job she was doing was not what she liked, and immediately made a change. Through her own efforts, she has now left the bank and joined an Internet company to work in data operation. When I talked to her, I could feel her joy from the words, like a kind of joy after rebirth.

So if you find that you are engaged in the industry is not their favorite and suitable, do not hesitate to change careers before it is too late.

Must change two: the boss is not a reliable company

A company’s boss determines the height of the company can develop. So if you find that your boss is very unreliable, then do not hesitate to withdraw. Follow an unreliable boss will only waste your precious time, and will not have any growth. So how to determine whether the boss is reliable?

  1. to see if the boss is the person you want to become. If you think you want to become the same person as the boss in the future, then do not hesitate to continue to follow the TA to do it, this is a rare opportunity. If you feel that you definitely do not want to become the same person as TA in the future, then beware.
  2. look around the “bull” colleagues are not many. The “cattle” can see the people are often capable, so if the boss can gather around a group of cattle, then the boss is certainly not wrong.
  3. look at the development of the company. This point can only be used as an auxiliary judgment point, after all, the wind on the mouth of the pig can also fly up, and Ma Yun also have fallen time;.

If the above three points show that the boss is not reliable, then do not hesitate to retreat.

Must change three: individuals do not get promoted

When a person works in addition to getting an income, a person’s growth is also very important. This is especially important in the early part of a person’s career. But the company recruits an employee, unless it is as a key training object, the probability is still as a screw to use. According to incomplete statistics, an employee just joined a company within six months of the time to learn the most things. And when the work full 1.5 years later, basically can not learn more things, but only to do repeated work.

If you find such a situation in the work, you need to be alert. Comfort is certain to die, tossing eternal life, too comfortable life will wear out your will, but also will hinder the development of your career. So if the company can give you more challenges, then you can consider staying, otherwise, leave.

Personal improvement is the hard power of a workplace person, any situation that hinders their development should be erased in the bud.

Must change four: the company will die, first go for respect

Every company has its life cycle, generally speaking, if the company is obviously not working, then this time must be early action, do not hesitate. From a few years ago, Yi to, LeTV, to the recent OFO, a lot of once brilliant company because of various reasons into the decline. If you find that the company has really no more opportunities, then this time must be early planning.

I know a few friends now in OFO, ask them why they do not want to leave, the answer said: waiting to be cut, at least N + 1 it. They only see a few months of compensation, but with this mentality to stay in the company, they will have to grow? Once laid off can immediately find a suitable job? And the opportunity cost of waiting is also very large, in fact, the calculation is not worth the loss.

Wise people do not stand under a dangerous wall, greedy for small profits on their own impact may be greater, so the decision needs to be decisive.

Must change five: there is a higher and better platform

This point is mainly for the company has worked to a certain level of the workplace and mentioned. A colleague of my previous company, TA has been at the top of the company, in charge of the company’s business. Our company is a small company in the industry, but because the TA did a good job, attracted headhunters to scout for a job. TA was still hesitant, after all, in the company for a long time have feelings, and now the work is also relatively smooth, but after all, the opportunity is rare, so consulted me. My advice is actually very simple, first to confirm the purpose and expectations of the next company to recruit you, to ensure that there is enough space after going. If this can be confirmed, resolutely out of the comfort zone to meet the challenge. After all, the industry status of the two companies is far different, even if the same level, after going to the development and growth will be higher.

Four hesitation

Hesitation one: do not resign naked

Now young people are more spontaneous, often like to say a trip to go. But the workplace this thing and travel is not yet the same, it is best to plan every step. So if you feel that the work is not going well now and there is no suitable under the shelf, it is recommended that you should hesitate, do not be impulsive bare resignation home. This will not only lead to the interruption of your income (dirt please ignore), more importantly, it will affect the continuity of your career, the impact on career development is not good.

Hesitation two: join a start-up company

Some time ago, the tide of entrepreneurship, many partners by the news of startups overnight riches washed away, fantasy to be able to enter the startups, take stock, overnight riches to marry rich white women. I do not know that the startup company can be said to be a hundred dead life, can successfully survive the few and far between. And for a workplace, especially the rookie into the workplace, itself for the market and the company’s judgment experience is less, if blindly into the startup company is easy to “see the light dead “If you enter a startup blindly, you will easily die.

So if you decide to run to a startup company, it is best to hesitate and think clearly first.

Hesitation three: change the city

Some time ago, a social news is to escape from the “North, Guangzhou and Shenzhen”. These four cities due to high housing prices, so many partners decided to vote with their feet, away from the miserable life. But the ideal is always full, the reality is very skeletal, a lot of small partners left to other cities to find career development and the opportunity to choose to become a lot less, many of them can only return to the big city to find opportunities.

If your only reason for changing jobs is to go to other cities, my advice is to hesitate and consider your future development opportunities in the new city. Be aware that every change of city is a huge cost, less tossing and turning.

Hesitation four: short-term money increase

In the workplace there are two kinds of money, one is called “present money”, mainly in the current salary and bonus; one is called “future money”, mainly reflected in a person’s value. Often when we look for a job in the market, it is the process of turning “future money” into The process of “present money”.

Therefore, if a person has the opportunity to grow in the company, it is the process of improving one’s “future money”. At this time, although the “present money” is not increased, but it is only a matter of time. So don’t give up easily on a job that gives you the opportunity to grow. Of course, I also understand the pressure of today’s society, but when it comes to a job-hopping opportunity that only increases wages, you need to hesitate carefully.

Three do not change

One does not change: just because the work is busy not to change (the rich and the family has a mine, please ignore)

Once in the consulting company met a child, he was engaged in the analysis of the industry is a hot industry, with his leadership is also very good. But because this work requires late nights, overtime and travel, he gave up because he felt too bitter, and went to a state-owned enterprise. I can only say that he really missed a good opportunity. You know, he is now a junior soldier in SOEs, but after a few years in the consulting company, it is likely that he will go back to SOEs to be a middle or even senior management position. And by himself in the state-owned enterprises step by step up, it is likely to take three times as long or even completely unable to do.

In my opinion, as long as the work can bring growth, as long as the company and the industry is full of opportunities, work a little busy and tired should not be the reason for changing jobs. You should know that every bit of effort you put in now will become your own capital and value in the future.

Two do not change: just joined the company does not change

There are many people just changed the company feel uncomfortable immediately after the resignation, the name is “escape pit”. In fact, this situation in my opinion is not “escape the pit” but “jumping pits”. First of all, just change jobs to a new company, there is not adapt is very normal, after all, both business / culture / management, etc. to re-adapt. And every company is certainly recruiting people because “there are pits to fill”, so the newcomer to the pressure is also very normal. Secondly, I believe that we change a company itself is very cautious, so after careful selection why not give yourself and the company a chance to understand clearly in detail? Finally, frequent job hopping has a great impact on your future career, and immediately after leaving the company without income, the pressure to find a job multiplies, it is easy to just get out of the tiger’s mouth and into the wolf’s den.

My advice to everyone is that a job should be done at least 1 year before considering changing. If you can take this as the goal, I believe that looking for a job will also be more prudent.

Three not to change: the winter of the workplace not to change

The job market is also divided into good years and bad years. In a good year, there are more jobs, more opportunities, and wages are negotiable; in a bad year, there are certainly positions, but because the winter has arrived, the company itself is doing business contraction and adjustment. So for the recruitment of the position is likely to be not clearly considered, if this time to join the company is likely to become the adjustment of the “back burner”. So changing jobs also need to choose a good year, if the winter is coming, or in the existing company well “cat winter” it.

In fact, the workplace inside the doorway to change jobs is very much, the above list of “five must change, four hesitation, three do not change” can be used as a reference item for everyone to change jobs, I hope Everyone can find a job to their liking!