U.S. media: WHO may delay until June to decide whether to permit the emergency use of Kexin vaccine

The World Health Organization was scheduled to decide this month whether to approve the emergency use of China’s Kexing New Crown vaccine, but the decision may be delayed until June, according to reports.

The Wall Street Journal reports that WHO is asking Kexing Holdings Biotechnology Co. to provide more data on the safety and production process of its New Crown vaccine to assess whether it meets WHO standards.

The report cites sources familiar with the matter, saying senior WHO officials expect that the WHO may delay a decision on whether to approve the emergency use of Kexing’s New Crown vaccine until June. KeXing has not responded yet.

Another Chinese vaccine, China National Pharmaceutical’s New Crown vaccine, was approved by WHO for emergency use earlier this month, but no conclusions could be drawn because there was not enough data on the Kexing vaccine. The WHO said earlier that it aims to decide within this month whether to grant a license to Kexing’s vaccine.