Facing China, Hollywood lacks backbone

The coverage of China was mainly in Libération and Le Figaro. The headline of the Liberation newspaper report reads: ‘Fast and Furious’ faces China, Hollywood lacks spine, the article comments that it is worth doing a Mao-era self-criticism in order to win the Chinese market, and the American actor John Cena, who stars in ‘Fast and Furious’, apologizes in a Chinese video broadcast on his official Weibo account, in which he says in Chinese: ” Hello China, I’m sorry for my mistake, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, you must understand, I love and respect China and the Chinese people, goodbye. “This video of him was viewed no less than 2 million times in a short period of time.

So, what mistake did John Cena make? It turns out that he said in an interview with Taiwanese media that Taiwan would be the first country to release the film he starred in. He made the mistake of referring to Taiwan as a “country,” even though Taiwan is in fact an independent country, but Beijing has always considered Taiwan to be part of China, and tens of thousands of Chinese netizens took to Weibo to demand an apology from John Cena.

The Liberation Daily commented that John Cena, who is covered in muscles and was a multiple-time U.S. professional wrestling champion, is descended from Italian immigrants and his mother is British and Quebecois, has studied Chinese hard and is accomplished in movies and pop songs, and could have used his popularity to support a young, fragile democratic Taiwan, especially after the complete destruction of Hong Kong’s freedom and Taiwan’s Recently, Chinese warplanes and battleships have been harassed.

However, Hollywood is willing to make any concessions to accommodate Beijing’s censorship in order to capture the Chinese market of 1.4 billion viewers. Despite Beijing’s intensified crackdown on human rights activists in China, the arrest of pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong, and the continuation of a massive crackdown in Xinjiang, Hollywood continues to accept being treated like a puppet by Beijing. In March of this year, John Cena should have held his head high and stood by his words, but instead chose to abandon Taiwan.

China dominates the world’s raw materials

The headline of the report on China in the economic section of Le Figaro is: China hogs raw materials. The article presents a new study by two French economists (Philippe Chalmin eYves Jégourel,) on the state of the world’s raw materials supply, which states that China, the first country to emerge from the New Crown crisis, has hogged a large number of Mining and agricultural products have led to rising international raw material prices, especially since the New Crown epidemic has significantly reduced the development and production of raw materials and agricultural products. In the first quarter of last year, the prices of most of the world’s raw materials generally fell due to the decline in market demand, however, from the second quarter, the economic recovery caused a shortage of raw materials supply and thus a significant increase in market prices, although experts believe that from the second quarter of next year, the market prices may come down.

Experts believe that China is the main cause of price instability in the market, especially in raw materials such as copper, rubber, wheat, soybeans and cotton. China has become the world’s top importer of minerals, meat products and timber, and the second largest importer of liquefied natural gas.

Geopolitical factors are also one of the reasons for the tight supply of many types of raw materials. The article points out, for example, that China is the world’s top importer of iron minerals, with Japan in second place, and that the price of iron raw materials is closely related to the sudden tension between China and Australia, plus Brazil, China’s second most important supplier, has been hit hard by the epidemic and is struggling to extricate itself. All in all, the report concludes that the crisis is likely to be a turning point in the downward spiral of globalization. China, which was the first to be hit by the epidemic, seems to be a winner, with imports increasing by 43.1% year-on-year in April this year and China’s economic growth forecast between 6% and 8%, which always seems to be a winner.

In addition, France Culture’s technology column on Wednesday interviewed Etiennne Decroly, a virologist at the University of Marseille who first questioned the source of the New Crown virus, in response to a new call by international virologists for a thorough investigation into the source of the New Crown virus and the latest findings of independent cyber hackers against the Wuhan lab. In the interview, Etiennne Decroly made it clear that what is certain in virology is that suspicions are growing, but suspicions are not evidence. Likewise, the lack of evidence does not prove that the event did not happen.

French President Macron’s visit to Rwanda to deliver a historic speech on the responsibility the French government must assume in the Rwandan genocide was the opening front page of the French newspaper Libération and the Catholic newspaper Crucifixion, while the right-wing Figaro continued to focus on the new French epidemic and the financial newspaper Echo called for the need to come out “at all costs” when the epidemic seemed to be reversed. The financial newspaper Echo called for the need to come out of the woodwork to “help the nation at all costs” to overcome the crisis. In addition, the newspapers focused on international news, including the presidential elections in Iran and Syria, the aftermath of the plane hijacking in Belarus, and travel permits for those vaccinated against Neocon.