The thing about the knowledge network check

The matter of the knowledge network check, has been overkill to the point of becoming tasteless, and its potential negative effects I think may be greater than the Zhai Tianlin incident itself.

Zhiwang first makes a lot of money from the school, a group of users, and then rips off the students. Some people may say, don’t students have the opportunity to check the weight for free? Yes, there is, but some of the students who find out that the repetition rate is high, it is likely that they do not know whether the modified can meet the requirements of the repetition rate, so they need to spend money to repeatedly submit to confirm that the repetition rate can be reviewed by the system.

This price is already a great burden for some students, but also in places like TB has become a channel of enrichment, I will not expand on the specific.

So can you really find out the plagiarism of the knowledge network check? The simple copy-and-paste plagiarism can be found, but the more cunning stirring type, translation plagiarism can not be helped at all. If you can’t find it, the check system will falsely alert you – a large number of direct quotes that meet academic standards will be judged as duplicates. Of course, the amount of direct quotes should not be too much, but the quotes with sources and quotation marks are first of all in line with academic norms, which may not be good in writing arguments, but are not illegal academic misconduct.

The Internet will also pick out such direct quotes to calculate the repetition rate, and many schools for the repetition rate and like to set a number of one-size-fits-all management (for example, mandatory regulations can not exceed 20% repetition rate), so that students can only repeatedly rewrite, repeatedly replace, trembling to find ways to check the private out of pocket.

Such a check industry can indeed prevent the next Zhai Tianlin (who is a simple copy-and-paste plagiarist), but can it improve the quality of graduation thesis? I doubt it. In the end, it just forces students to do whatever they can to reduce the repetition rate and spend a lot of money unnecessarily, while feeding the legal and illegal checking industry.

I say so much, not to oppose the work of checking for academic misconduct, but there are two suggestions: 1) undergraduate and graduate students checking is for psychological deterrence, select a certain percentage of random checks can be, do not need everyone to run through the system; 2) the repetition rate itself is only a reference, whether the repetition of paragraphs is plagiarism, repetition rate to how much is academic misconduct, should be determined individually in individual cases, to the thesis The supervisor or academic committee should not set a ratio in a lazy one-size-fits-all manner.

Welcome to add to it!

The other day I saw a tirade, saying that even the six words “physical and chemical properties” had been uncovered by the check system

The first thing you need to do is to get a copy of your paper. But it did not give me money for my paper!

Niu Kex 1981: weight reduction, water injection, dilution, students have been forced not to write the paper, the evaluation of the paper to the software, as if the lower the repetition rate is the better, this is the greatest harm.

JANAMLEE: In the UK the repetition rate is just a reference, the real audit of whether there is plagiarism and improper citation is still the tutor; there is also no matter how to convert words and phrases again, is someone else’s or to mark.

Pseudo-electricity Bailan: my master’s thesis a lot of legal terms, go the legal profession said is a long list of words, can not be changed. It will be marked red, unauthorized changes to the nomenclature if the external review can not pass, it is really difficult, even the acknowledgement section to check the weight

crush_crush2017: Our major is a design major, the focus of graduation work is to complete a complex graduation design, the original requirements for the thesis is not high, but now the big census, the school is waiting, requiring each undergraduate student to produce a higher level of 8000 words paper. Students do not have enough energy, and the quality of graduation design has dropped significantly. It is really grasping the sesame seeds and losing the watermelon.