The genes were there a long time ago

Some people call the Cultural Revolution on the mainland a “national catastrophe” and warn of the first signs of a “Cultural Revolution” in Hong Kong.

In anthropological terms, it is just a normal phenomenon of “regular outburst of genetic national normality” of a large nation.

China’s latest characterization of the Cultural Revolution is actually quite correct: it is an event in the arduous process of exploration of the Chinese nation. Under the foreign challenge of Western civilization, this arduous quest began in 1840 and periodically led to a little bit of unpleasant consequences, such as the 70 million deaths in the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, which were far more tragic than the Cultural Revolution. After that, the Boxer Rebellion was confined to northern China, and Guangdong continued to be a piece of cake. Then the Soviet Union and Japan looked closely at the Soviet Union and successively assisted, promoted and intervened in China’s exploration, needless to say.

After 1949, this arduous exploration entered the third clinical stage of the experiment under the leadership of Mao Zedong. Chairman Mao was clever enough to use the Chinese literati as guinea pigs, exploiting their inferiority complex and shabby genes to facilitate their self-reporting and criticism. The former Hu Feng counter-revolutionary group and the anti-rightist group were not yet Red Guards, but only a warm-up. A group of literary intellectuals enthusiastically pounced on themselves and tore themselves apart. In the Darwinian law of natural selection, several victims of the Cultural Revolution, including Ba Jin, Lao She, Fu Lei, Qian Zhongshu, Cao Yu, and Bing Xin, had all denounced and criticized others.

In Darwinian biology, there is no right or wrong, this ethnicity is only the internal elimination mechanism of the suppressed number of species in nature. From a Christian point of view, this is the meaning of God. From a Buddhist perspective, it is the cycle of cause and effect. Everything is science, theology, philosophy.

As for Hong Kong, the inhabitants are of Chinese descent and have been under British colonial rule for a long time, ask the new immigrants from the mainland if they should have made up for this missing lesson (a missing lesson) long ago? But don’t worry, the genes were there a long time ago. B, with his scientific knowledge of the genes of Chinese literati, had some kind of historical foresight.

The network, Hong Kong’s literati fleeing, the north and south of the world, this expose that came to Canada, that informer this used to protect the flag, across the ocean around the stove, mouth in addition to eating, not forgetting to curse, people distantly remember: in addition to Park Yang, Mao Zedong really know the genius of the Chinese nation, including literati genes.

Put it this way: The original idea of the Cultural Revolution was that Liu Shaoqi forced Mao Zedong to retire to the second line after 1962, and Mao came back to smash the government ruling machine and seize power. Therefore, the Cultural Revolution required a Liu Shaoqi first. This basic condition has not yet appeared on the mainland. Only a woman’s version of Liu Shaoqi in Hong Kong has emerged in outline. This is why the Cultural Revolution is a comprehensive science of ethnicity and ethnography, and if we look at it from an emotional point of view, we will be blinded by tears and blinded by anger, but if we look at it from a scientific point of view, we will be rational and calm.