The Return of the Cultural Revolution

On the fifty-fifth anniversary of the Cultural Revolution, the Chinese Communist Party was under siege by the Western democracies, and the Chinese people’s national pride was hurt.

To celebrate the centenary of the CCP, Xi Jinping put on a beautiful makeup for his party, and put forward the sophistry that the previous and subsequent 30 years could not be denied to each other, and in a brainstorming move, the CCP became always right.

After the Cultural Revolution, the Communist Party itself rehabilitated the rightists, why did it do so? It was a mistake at the beginning. Three years of famine is not mentioned, but the mu yield of 10,000 kg of iron and steel refining is not engaged in, why not? It was a mistake. The Cultural Revolution was also denied by the Chinese Communist Party itself. When Deng Xiaoping returned to the dynasty, the old revolutionaries were all tortured and disfigured on the stage, and everyone wanted to take a breath, so they denied the Cultural Revolution and let old Mao take the blame, so that Deng Xiaoping had the legitimacy to rule.

The first generation of CCP leaders, supporting Mao Zedong, fighting and sitting on the mountain, the party they created together, the party system and party culture they operated together, is the root cause of the pain they each felt.

At the beginning of the Cultural Revolution, Liu Shaoqi was struck by an arrow and fell from his horse, and later became ill in seclusion and was cremated under a pseudonym after his death. Deng Xiaoping was also made to die, his son Deng Pufang jumped from a building and was paralyzed, and the family was exiled to Jiangxi to supervise labor in a factory. Deng Xiaoping had to bathe his son every day when he returned home from his work at the factory.

But people who are familiar with the history of the Chinese Communist Party know that Deng Xiaoping was the specific leader of the anti-rightist movement, when hundreds of thousands of intellectuals were branded as rightists and exiled outside of China, and many families were broken and died.

As for Liu Shaoqi, the socialist education movement before the Cultural Revolution was started by him and his wife Wang Guangmei. After the Great Famine, he opened up the “three from one package” offended Mao Zedong, using the social education movement to old Mao to submit a complaint, and I do not know how many people were killed.

These history can not be mentioned, then Liu Shaoqi is not dead in vain? The Cultural Revolution can not be denied, then only to deny Liu Shaoqi, always have to deny the side, can not beat themselves up.

The system eats people, no one is spared. In Hong Kong, Shi Jingquan want to “cane to teach children”, Ho Kwan-yiu call for “kill without amnesty”, Hong Kong, if the Cultural Revolution, Lin Zheng Ye Liu, a group of Hong Kong British residuals will not have a way to live? Hong Kong blue silk don’t 㷫 hardening, to read the history, the Cultural Revolution is not fun, it is easy to play dead themselves.