Why Japan’s High Profile Anti-Communist

South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in, who is caught in the middle of the U.S.-China conflict and has no one to turn to, received global attention on his trip to the United States on the 21st, because South Korea is the weakest link in the U.S. Indo-Pacific strategy, and Moon is known as a “kneeling Chinese”.

After the rise of China, South Korea has retreated from the anti-communist line, and the situation is similar to that of Taiwan. Taiwan is a bullying party in the Indo-Pacific security strategy, and the DPP is in power with an anti-communist stance. On the one hand, South Korea is under pressure from North Korea to rely on the United States for security, and on the other hand, there are economic incentives from China. South Korea hopes to rely on the U.S. for security and China for economy, but the attempt to not offend both sides is bound to fail.

After the SAD incident in South Korea, the anti-China and pro-China forces in society are pulling against each other, and they are evenly matched, as high-tech needs the United States and the market needs China.

The two sides of the “Wen-Bai meeting” win-win for both sides and take what they need

“The joint communiqué of the meeting is the best litmus test. Before the U.S. trip, it was expected that South Korea would yield to the U.S. demand and synchronize with Japan in the fight against China, which was really expected. The US has arranged for a veteran of the Korean War to be honored, expressing the significance of the US-South Korea alliance, the US-South Korea security as one, and Moon Jae-in has also taken a stand on the security of the Taiwan Strait, something in the Taiwan Strait will be at the same pace as the US, and of course, South Korea has brought dollars to invest in the US, symbolizing the name drop, so the non-red semiconductor supply chain and vaccine issues have been successfully resolved, with both sides winning together, each taking what they need.

Obviously, South Korea took a stand against China, the first island chain of the United States to encircle the old Communist Party, can be formed smoothly, coupled with the Philippines against the old Communist Party maritime militia, the old Communist Party in this game has lost, and lost the European and Chinese economic and trade agreements, Xi Jinping can say that the disaster is not alone.

The Chinese Communist Party’s red expansion to the world, the adoption of business to surround the political, whether it is conventional trade or the Belt and Road policy, in fact, all in order to serve the political, the Chinese Communist Party to Australia, to Asia or all countries in the international, trade and infiltration methods, exactly the same, in order to deal with the old Communist Party without control, unless you have some intention in trade and commerce, financial stronger than the old Communist Party, technology to suppress him, otherwise it is easy to be the old Communist Party choke, so Therefore, the old communist set of techniques, the use of Western capitalist market, to eat the undeveloped small countries can be, to eat the developed Australia, will kick the iron plate, Australia is the United States openly the South Pacific, the old communist find Australia to test the knife, simply blind.

Japan directly bar the old Communist Party, the old Communist Party can only oppose in the mouth, even the economic sanctions against Japan’s bottom, the reason is simple, the old Communist Party too need Japanese technology, not to mention the rise of China, the old U.S. only to give a pass, Japan is the actual help the old Communist Party of the country, China needs funds and technology, more than half from Japan, the other only to steal from the United States, because Japan is very clear, China-Japan bilateral trade, the old Communist Party needs Japan more, rather than Not Japan needs the old Communist Party.

To give the simplest example, Huawei, which was repaired by the United States, used to be the first in the world, but few people know: without Japan, there would be no Huawei, simply put, pinch Huawei’s neck in addition to the United States, there is Japan.

Unpacking Huawei cell phone construction parts, you can know, one thousand six hundred and thirty-one parts, only eighty made in China, accounting for only 5%, more than eight hundred made in Japan, accounting for 53%, seriously speaking, Huawei is made in Japan, just the outside labeled made in China.

Japan withdrew from the cell phone market ten years ago, but quickly turned to parts supply, Huawei bought Japan and Nokia personnel, set up in Japan to research and development, to have today, but, Japan does not supply materials, Huawei as usual to end, so do not think that only Taiwan chip card Huawei only, the United States repair Huawei also warned Japan, just as the United States in the repair of Japanese semiconductor companies in the 80s.

After the U.S.-Japan semiconductor war, in 1985, the U.S.-Japan “square agreement” seriously injured Japan, Japan only cognitive: who is the boss.

Japan is still the upstream semiconductor raw material suppliers, 2019, Japan and South Korea for the Pacific War era, the expropriation of Korean labor compensation issues, trade wars, Japan used three raw materials stuck Samsung Electronics, we still remember, this is also Japan dared to directly call the old Communist Party factors, China-Japan trade relations, the number is not small, but China needs Japan, just as China needs Taiwan to provide intermediate materials So the old Communist Party does not dare to interrupt the ECFA, the reason is very simple, the old Communist Party repair Taiwan is too late, will give you money to make good Kang?

In the world, all conflicts can not escape the economy, simply put, the world is money control of the mundane world, if the old Communist Party really can not think, feathers have not grown well, want to dominate the world, start a war, the end is to lose the world economy, but also to lose their own, because Taiwan can not be destroyed, is already a global consensus.

The United States with economic and technological control console Japan and South Korea, Japan and South Korea, of course, give up China, for the United States, the siege of the Communist Party of China has taken shape, Taiwan’s security will be in the end.