Looking back on ten years of workplace experience and lessons learned

  1. to have a career plan. First of all, you need to position yourself to do what is appropriate, is to do business or technology, a road to black; of course, do the technology, and later change the line.
  2. to do technology, is to do fine and deep, to become an expert in this industry of this technology; the best is to go to a large company in the country, in order to learn something comprehensive, to give you the opportunity to train; if a large company can not enter, first to a small company to practice technology, to find the opportunity to go to a large company to gold-plated, to learn advanced technology. Never do your own products, to do is also familiar with the industry, and then do it.
  3. Actively seek opportunities. Actively seek opportunities to learn and progress. For example, to do technology, you need more exercise, more learning to improve their level. A technology, as long as there is an opportunity to learn, will be able to learn; if there is no opportunity, there is no way to learn this technology genius. Liu Chuanzhi said, Yang Yuanqing is “crying for progress”, in fact, is to fight for their own opportunities; of course, this strong desire to progress, is also the leadership of the place to value. Every step ahead, accumulate 10 years, you will have more opportunities than others.
  4. Accumulate personal credibility. From the first day of your career, you have to act according to the principle of integrity. To do, when people mention your name, say, this buddy is not bad, do things okay.
  5. Pay attention to the use of resources. If you have rich relatives, successful elders or friends, you can make full use of these opportunities and get smoother development prospects.
  6. pay attention to the continuous accumulation of wealth. To get freedom in life, wealth is very crucial. Otherwise, always look up to people, always look at people’s faces. People are snobbish. Future family, career, the accumulation of money is very important, no money, can never open their own business, get more opportunities; wealth to do year by year accumulation, you can have a happy family life. No money is impossible to have a happy family.
  7. Pay attention to the accumulation of contacts. Ultimately, the career depends on the resources of the people in the community. Pay attention to know people in your industry, befriend them, and eventually they will become a help in your career.
  8. Seek the help of your friends. To find the big boss to help you, get the appreciation of the big boss. Think about it, the big cake, cut a little is enough, small cake, all to you can not eat ah.
  9. Listen more to the advice of successful seniors and successful friends. Pay attention to listen less to the elders of the family, especially the elders who have retired, their understanding of society is still stuck in a long time ago, and the society has changed a lot.

The most important thing is that elders will sometimes force you to do something, but the end result they are not responsible for

Other content

1, do not worship or despise a person

People must not worship idols, please have your own personality. Do not deliberately try to imitate a person, because you are you, is the only, unique, to have self-confidence. Do not deny a person, everyone has value, and if you can not understand him, please learn to accept.

2, don’t take money too seriously

Do not complain about their current low wages, bank deposits below 4 digits, do not see the future, now to do is to study hard, even if you have a high diploma, how to apply the theory to practice or need a long exercise process, society is always the most extensive university, it allows you to learn far more important knowledge than you learned in school, so likewise, you do not mind too much low education. 30 years old before relying on Before the age of 30 to buy a car and a house on their own ability or very few people.

3, learn to understand parents

Don’t mind their nagging, when you are a father you will know the pity of parents, in their eyes you are still a child, but they are really old, now you have to make them happy, maybe as long as your a phone call, a small gift, you can make them feel at ease, it is easy to do.

4, make good friends

Friends have a significant impact on your life, do not go to meet too many friends, at least one can help you in critical moments of friends, if you meet such a person, grasp, later will be useful, whether he is now rich or poor.

5, do not indulge in anything

The so-called play things and lose will, online games are what you play before you leave school, you now have no extra time and energy to spend on it, or you have to pay back what you overdraw later. A person should have interests, hobbies, but please be clear about the importance.

6, young without failure

Do not encounter setbacks on discouragement, young people should always maintain a positive attitude. Failure, start over; lost, and then fight for something else. Missed, to analyze, the next time to come, to grasp; childish, the next time, mature. It does not matter, it will be fine, even to the extreme, do not give up, believe that you can definitely survive. Do not be negative, it will be fine. Once the wrong, the past, always can not look back in the past. Now, it’s good, tired and finished, very comfortable. Do not hurt, there will always be someone to support you.

7, be responsible .

No matter how you were, but please start now to be a decent person. Men should have a sense of responsibility, whether it is work or life, a responsible person can make others feel safe, in order to make others feel that you are a trustworthy person. We do not want to be cowardly, but please do not hurt the people who love you and the people you love, especially the kind girl, because the world is not many kind girls, even if you do not want to have, but please let her keep her beautiful heart.

8, a man’s physical appearance is not important.

Don’t worry too much about your looks and height, a man with a good heart and integrity is far more handsome than those who have handsome looks, a strong body but a nasty man inside. If someone is judged by appearance, please do not care too much, because you do not have to go for a low-class people and sad.

9, learn to protect the body

Don’t think it’s okay to smoke and drink now and stay up all night. That’s because your body is in the prime of your life. 30 years old after you can understand the meaning of the word “incompetent”, the body is the capital of the revolution, without a good body can not do anything, so try to make yourself a regular healthy life.

10, do not feel that nothing has been achieved.

You are not qualified to talk about success, except of course if you have millions of assets. At first too fixed career is not necessarily a good thing, perhaps in the continuous change of career, you will learn more knowledge, and can explore their own potential, to find the most suitable for your work.

11, please work hard

Even if your current job how boring and how low, please take it seriously, know that any successful people are from the smallest things to do, maybe you can not learn how great knowledge, but at least you have to learn a good working attitude and working methods, which is very important for the future.

12, please take the relationship seriously.

Do not envy those who change women like changing shoes like a playboy, the love of the show is just a waste of time and energy, a person most painful is not to find a lover, but no love in the heart, when you love you 3 words into your most easy to say a word, then you have been in the world of love is difficult to find true happiness. Love is not fair, there is always a person than the other pay more, even if there is no result, do not feel worthy, because you pay not only for her, but also for your own love, pay for love is very valuable, praise yourself a little.

  1. Please leave a little childishness

In the depths of your heart, even if it is just a small corner, please keep a childish heart, not childish, but sometimes a little simple will make you very happy. So do not be too concerned about gains and losses, life is not perfect.

Finally, learn to respect others, so that others will respect you!