In the end, it is important to master some security boundaries

When I saw the news of the Gansu Marathon incident, I was a bit shocked, I didn’t expect a marathon to have so many people met with misfortune. And many of them are very strong runners, the wind is in their prime, it is a pity.

When I saw some of the survivors’ recaps, it was mentioned that there was no $1600 bonus for withdrawing from the race, which many of the runners valued. Frankly, in hindsight, it’s just not worth it. But from the perspective of what happened to the people involved, it was still a serious underestimation of the potential risks and they didn’t realize what price they would pay.

When I learned diving lessons, there was a discipline that the instructor kept emphasizing constantly: at any time, feel any physical discomfort, do not have any hesitation, immediately terminate the dive and immediately stop subsequent dives.

Some people like to challenge themselves and push their limits, and I admire such people, but risk control is still something that every person and every sport should focus on. There is a limit to the price we can pay.

In fact, not only extreme sports, then from the workplace, from life planning, from the key decisions in life, should also follow such a principle, the amount of power.

Do you think young people should work hard, should they struggle? I hate those statements that encourage groping and lying flat in the name of inward scrolling, but where is the scale of struggle? Physical health is a price you can’t afford. Doing more every day is helpful for growth, but being too busy to rest every day is fatal. Internet users like to polarize, either lie flatism, or struggle forced, can not find an appropriate scale? Don’t be so extreme.

Many young people are not willing to be mediocre, which is certainly not a bad thing, hoping that they can surpass the people around them, can be alone on the top, a view of the mountains. But in fact, most of us are ordinary people, and those who have made a big career in addition to ability and talent, there are also many factors of chance and coincidence, sometimes try to do their best, the results may not meet expectations, but do not have to be too demanding.

In fact, this society is still full of opportunities. In China’s current environment, most people with normal intelligence, as long as they put in some effort and master some work methods, it is not difficult to get a decent job and income. But indeed, most people’s desires exceed their capabilities, the so-called desire for dissatisfaction, but also the social norm. Then the individual pursuit of advancement is the driving force of society, which is the basis of China’s rapid development over the years to ensure, but back to today’s topic, everything should also be done in accordance with their ability.

Blindly pursuing achievements and wealth beyond one’s ability and beyond one’s perception, one can easily become a so-called leek and be slaughtered in the cruel market.

Then these seem to be the so-called right nonsense too, how to be considered within your means.

In the end, there are some safety boundaries to master.

First, the safety boundary of the body.

You need to know where the risks to your body are and what the possible consequences are. Don’t take it lightly when you feel your body is not in the right condition. Can you promise to go for a physical examination once a year? For your own sake, and for your family’s sake.

Exercise also needs to pay attention to improper reactions, not that I insist on exercising every day, insist on exercise must be all good, I went running some time ago to lose weight, and the knee felt wrong, immediately stopped, and then went to ask the doctor. As a middle-aged person, I am very concerned about all kinds of negative feedback on my body, but I know many young people don’t care.

Go to participate in some heavy tourism activities, to cross the no-man’s land, to participate in a variety of extreme sports, many people will feel to come all the way, if you give up in the middle, it will be very worthless, but you must must pay attention to the body feedback, physical discomfort, really can not be overly persistent.

Second, the safety of the capital boundary.

You invest, you seek to get rich quickly, such cases do have, and very exciting people, but you have to know what the survivor bias is, many people can obviously live a small middle-class life, in pursuit of overnight riches, on the leverage, wrestling a big one, overnight return to poverty, and even make the wife and children.

I’ve had a lot of failures in the investment field, and I’ve also paid a lot of tuition fees, but at least I’ve learned to divide my assets into two parts: high-risk investments and low-risk preservation, and will do my best to make sure the latter is safe. This way, even if there is a seven-figure investment loss, daily life and family relationships will not be affected.

The account manager of a bank always thinks my financial plan is too conservative and advises me to buy some high-growth financial products, but I resolutely refuse because the part I put in the bank’s financial management belongs to low-risk preserved assets, while my high-risk investment plan is invisible to him.

Where the capital used for high-risk investment, must be lost will not affect the life, to have such a sense of security.

Third, the cognitive safety boundary.

Do not invest in areas not covered by their own cognition, do not pursue wealth beyond cognition. As long as you recognize this, 90% of the investment and pyramid scams encountered by ordinary people can be avoided.

There is also the honest face of their own, to admit which areas they do not understand, cognitive can not keep up.

Many people think they know blockchain, internet finance, this and that after reading the articles of some big V who don’t know shit and only stand for money, and finally crash into them headlong. By the way, there are also the kind of people who take the “currency war” as a financial treasure trove, and come to talk to you about how to financial innovation, it’s terrible.

I say a controversial point of view, I think if you want to really understand finance, first of all, to understand financial risk control, want to really understand financial risk control, at least look at no less than 100 different types of financial mine cases. After reading 100 kinds of death, see understand, see through, and then talk about financial innovation, although you still can not to the professional level, but at least beyond 90% of the amateur level cognition, others then want to harvest you, most of them are not so easy.

About entrepreneurship is also, I have been trying to find a lawyer to write a series, Internet innovation entrepreneurship, from the beginning to prison, write a full 100 cases, want to start a business, read it and then decide, to do, what to do, how to do.

My advice is to establish three safe boundaries of physical health, personal assets and cognition, and within the safe boundaries, go all out, but do not exceed them.

Of course, your efforts can enhance the safety boundary, for example, your cognition is improved, your investment field can be expanded, your assets are improved, the part you use for high-risk investments can also be expanded, you through exercise and conditioning, healthier, you can withstand the work pressure can also be greater. But there must be a safety boundary, to clear the safety boundary, to exceed the safety boundary of the behavior and decision to firmly say “No”.

Don’t take any chances, don’t tie your future and even your life to some kind of luck, once or twice you may be lucky, but you are mostly not the Chosen One, you can’t be lucky every time. There are many cases where you lose once and you lose everything. By the way, this is the logic of the “pig-killing tray” Most of the “pig killers”, most of the “pig killers Most of those who are “killed” always feel that they are unlucky, but in fact, many of them just lost once.