4 days 3 group bloodshed scourge extended 12 elementary school students bathing in blood

On May 24, 2021, the day before the crime, Nanyang Gaoxin Public Security Bureau released a publicity photo of police officers guarding campus safety. Nanyang high-tech police official release

The mainland has recently witnessed a series of vicious incidents in which people have used violence to retaliate against society due to the pressure of life. In Nanyang City, Henan Province, a retired man in his sixties, suspected of being dissatisfied with social abandonment, attacked elementary school students with a stick outside the school to vent his anger, resulting in 12 children and two passers-by injured. Local officials kept a low profile after the incident, issuing a brief notice 10 hours later and blocking the news to avoid a bigger ripple effect from the attack.

The Nanyang Public Security Bureau issued a brief notice after 10 p.m. Tuesday (25) saying that at around 11:30 a.m. that day, a 66-year-old retiree living alone, Wu Moumou, took revenge on society for his disappointing life and beat students with a stick near 68 Primary School. The incident resulted in 12 students and two people being injured, while the suspect Wu was apprehended.

The police announcement was made up to 11 hours apart from the crime.

We contacted two stores just 500 meters from the incident at 68 Primary School, both of which said they had no knowledge of the incident, and one of the hotel receptionists said they had not heard of it.

Hotel: You’re talking about Primary School 68, right? Yes, that’s where we are. We don’t know, we haven’t heard about it.

Another refrigeration equipment dealer also said he did not know.

Refrigeration equipment dealer said: I heard that something happened to the school, as to what is not clear. I have a few hundred meters from the elementary school, 4, 500 meters it. Yesterday I was not at home, ah, came back late, I do not know anything.

Officials are now taking strict measures to block the news. Mr. Hong, a local media personality, told our reporter that he himself is a Nanyang native and only learned of such a serious attack around him on Wednesday after someone forwarded a police report, which the well-informed man had no knowledge of before. In his circle of friends in Nanyang people, nor does anyone know about this, he wanted to know something about the situation, but also no local people can respond.

Mr. Hong said: very strange, no one is talking about this, and I asked, does anyone have a video of this scene, photos, no one responded. I want to understand this matter, no one said he knew, or heard anything. That section is not far from the train station, or the city, or 11 o’clock at noon, it is impossible that there are no passers-by, parents of students should at least know. On the one hand, it can be understood that most people are insensitive, but on the other hand, it can also be understood that the control of public opinion and information control has reached the point of pervasiveness. People are afraid, right?

We contacted Mr. Ma, a local lawyer, to get more information about the case, but Mr. Ma said he was under too much pressure to talk about it, and revealed that the Law Society is now reorganizing the industry, and lawyers are strictly prohibited from contacting foreign countries.

Mr. Ma said: “Man, you can’t ask me, there is a lot of pressure now, especially now the rectification, ask whether there is contact with you outside the country. I can’t say now, thank you.

Our reporter contacted the Nanyang High-tech Zone Management Committee and the High-tech Zone Public Security Bureau several times, but no one responded.

Since Xi Jinping came to power, with the intensification of social control such as speech blockade and urban deportation of low-end population, anti-social tragedies have been occurring in China, especially attacks and retaliation against underage students, which are alarming and have caused hundreds of casualties.

Three days before this attack on a schoolboy by a disillusioned old man, Dalian Mingming investor Liu drove his car viciously into people because of a business failure, killing five and injuring five; a day earlier, a bombing in front of Fuxin city government in Liaoning province killed and injured many. Officials have kept the basic information about the perpetrators secret afterwards.

After 2017, officials have adopted a tougher embargo on the motives of those involved, and even the real names of suspects, in order to avoid increasingly sharp social tensions.