Or leave or stay, please respect each person’s choice

There has been some recent controversy about leaving and staying. The mass exodus from Hong Kong has already started for more than half a year, but the controversy has only occurred so far, mainly because of the different judgments of the Yellow camp’s own people about the future.

Some people think that under the National Security Law, the rule of law has completely fallen, and there is no such thing as equality before the law afterwards, so if they stay and fight, it will only increase the convenience of the establishment to suppress and increase the chances of people suffering, so why send their own heads?

Some people think that under the national security law, or to fight on the basis of reason, how much can be done to do as much as possible, in order to gather popularity, of course, can not just leave, to stay together against the enemy.

Both ideas are correct, but each person’s situation is different, judgment is also different.

My thoughts on the following points, for reference only.

First, I think that all those who are in danger of being sentenced to prison, try to leave if they can, do not stay and let the Chinese Communist Party collapse. Don’t expect the CCP to stop, they will go as hard as they can, once sentenced to prison, wear out the will, destroy the body, not good for the individual, not beneficial to the whole. The fact that one’s own hands and feet are being ruined is a blow to the spirit and psyche of those outside, and it is not beneficial to do this kind of thing. Hong Kong does not need martyrs, Hong Kong people no longer need someone to sacrifice to awaken our passion for resistance, our passion is abundant enough.

Secondly, those who are not in immediate danger of being sentenced to prison should leave or not, according to their own conditions and needs. Although there is no immediate danger, no one knows whether they will be liquidated later because of their participation in the struggle, so whether they want to leave or stay is a matter of speculation based on their specific situation. If there is a danger of being liquidated, it is up to you to make up your mind whether to leave early or not.

Thirdly, those who want to leave also have to see if they have the conditions to leave, according to the current situation, those who have the conditions to leave are always not the majority. The Chinese Communist Party has transformed Hong Kong into an ordinary mainland city, and this trend is irreversible.

Fourthly, it is unknown whether the future resistance can be sustained and whether it can still be carried out in the same way as before. After a massive crackdown, the democratic parties are at a low ebb. Whenever this happens, it is time for the internal conservatives and even the surrenderists to come out and make waves, just look at the performance of the Democratic Party today. Therefore do not look at future resistance with old eyes, the democratic camp in Hong Kong has not gone through a longer round of sedimentation and integration, the public has not gone through a long period of introspection and review, it is not easy to gather collective strength again.

Fifth, since it is everyone’s choice to leave or stay, and everyone has good reasons, we should not blame each other, but should be sympathetic to each other. If I am pessimistic about the situation in the next three to five years, and my children are in the critical years of receiving proper education, there is nothing wrong for me to choose to leave. I stay in danger, leaving can be another form of resistance, and can take the opportunity to enrich themselves, so why not? As for those who stay, to face the harsh environment, more should give full understanding.

Sixth, what can be solved by arguing about leaving or staying? He wants to go, even if you accuse him of desertion, he will also go, you want to stay, of course, can stay, but not because you stay, you are morally superior to others, because stay is not the purpose, how to fight is the purpose. If you stay and there is no effective way to fight, or a little involved in the fight will be arrested at any time to go to jail, then the only consequence of staying, just jail or not jail, there is no great significance to the fight. The problem is not whether to leave or stay, but how to fight in the future, and this point has not been discussed in depth, nor has there been any conclusion, on the contrary, the dissolution of political parties, activists have quit, which is a daily occurrence.

Seventh, the Chinese Communist Party is determined to kill and maim Hong Kong and turn Hong Kong into a place of total domination, which Hong Kong people have no way to change, nor do they have the power to fight. The only thing we can do is to wait for the general environment to change. Since this is the case, or leave or stay should not be a matter of principle, let alone raise to a moral level to argue.

Eighth, those who leave are not doing nothing outside, the international line still needs a lot of work, more Hong Kong people to the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada and Australia, the local activities are bound to increase, the voice will be greater, and the influence on the local government will expand. Stay, based on safety first, how much can do how much, do not force, do not blame each other, leave, to the outside in addition to settle life, but also can try to participate in lobbying outreach work, in short, each do not forget, do not give up, do not compromise, do their best, brothers climbing their own efforts, and then the bottom of the pot to see each other.

The world is unpredictable, change sometimes comes slowly, sometimes comes quickly, before that, do not discourage, do not argue, do not force, do not have internal pressure, and then, let us sink our teeth together to move forward and see what will happen.