The “Lay Flat Generation” and the Communist Successor

As the last bastion of communism in the world, the CCP has plagued China and the world for more than 70 years, and there are an unknown number of people who wish for its demise. But how should the CCP die and when will it die? By sanctioning and isolating it? Sure, it will hurt the CCP, but it will not perish. War? Unless they target the CCP elite and the upper echelons with the same precision as Israel, it will be a lose-lose situation, a scorched earth, and the civilian population will suffer first.

Recently, the Chinese Communist Party has suddenly become very frightened, with propaganda and reprimanding of China’s future generation, telling them not to be the “lying flat generation”, as if the country is dying. What’s going on? According to the Chinese Communist Party, it should be most relieved and hopeful for the current generation, because they have been completely brainwashed from childhood; and in terms of material life, China has become the second largest economy, plus the Chinese people always expect their sons to become dragons and daughters to become phoenixes. According to the design of the Chinese Communist Party, this generation should be the little pinkies + become dragons and phoenixes, the proper successors of communism. How did the little pinky suddenly become a “lying boy” and why did the Chinese Communist Party panic?

What is lying flat? It is to try not to work or work less, not to buy a house, not to buy a car, not to get married, not to have children, not to consume, only to maintain the minimum standard of living, try not to get ahead, lying on the couch or something, bland and insubstantial on the good.

For some of the latter, their parents or grandparents have a strong family background, they lie or stand, there is a certain quality of life guaranteed. The elders have long prepared their house and dowry or bride price for marriage, and they can lie down and enjoy it. Such people, they know in their hearts that it is unlikely to have the opportunities that their parents had back then. So whether it’s about personal life or career ambitions, they can’t see any hope, naturally, the will is depressed. For the 600 million Chinese who can only make ends meet, their children see that their fathers could barely make ends meet when China had the best opportunities for development. Now they can work harder, and what can they do? So they have more reason to lie flat, although it is poor lie.

So in fact, the lying flat generation is a desperate generation, the Chinese Communist Party has not created an era of opportunity for young people, so that young people give up their ambitions early. However, if the latter generation all lie flat, then the Communist Party’s communist cause will be in danger. The parents of the “lie flat generation” have now infiltrated the U.S., Canada and the West to a high degree, and have stolen a lot of high technology and made a few tapes and roads, but unfortunately, the years have not been kind to them, and they are getting old and need the little pinkies to take over and continue the “revolution” around the world. Who knows that the hard work of brainwashing and raising the little pink, so a, “lying down to go also”, will put this heavy burden down.

From the pinky directly transition to lie flat, “communist” successor so vanished into thin air. Lying flat means passive resistance, no matter what you say, I will not do anything. The Chinese Communist Party has no choice about this lie flat. China has not enough people born and has become an old country, and now these people refuse to work, and refuse to get married and have children. Is it possible that the old generation of revolutionaries who worked so hard to build the country are defeated by the hands of “lying flat”?

Although “lying flat” has caused the party media to fire, published “‘lying flat’ shameful, where is the sense of justice” article, hate iron can not steel, but the latter is also very dry, said “I’m almost an invalid”, “do a salted fish, what’s wrong”. Not fighting back and not changing, this pretty much hits the core of the CCP. Didn’t the CCP start by inciting people’s desires? If people have no desire, what else can the CCP do to manipulate people? Without labor, where is the market for cheap and good Chinese labor? Without consumption, how to attract those famous brands to kneel to the CCP; without economic market, foreign governments will start to crumble about human rights in China. Most importantly, how can the communist cause continue when all the newborns are lying flat? The Chinese Communist Party may die in the hands of the “lying flat generation”, so it can not be alarmed!