Shanghai Fosun willing to provide German BionTech vaccine to Taiwan

China has offered assistance to Taiwan in response to the new crown crisis, according to German TV1. Beijing said it is willing to send vaccines and experts to Taiwan as soon as possible. The relevant Chinese authorities said, “We are very concerned that the current developments in Taiwan are endangering the lives and health of the Taiwanese people.” The situation of the new neo-crown crisis in Taiwan is serious. Taiwan has stepped up measures to prevent the spread of the new crown virus.

According to Reuters, China’s Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical Group is willing to provide the German BionTech New Crown vaccine to Taiwan. Fosun signed an agreement with BionTech and is the exclusive distributor of BionTech’s New Crown vaccine in China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. Fosun Chairman and CEO Wu Yifang told Xinhua that certain groups in Taiwan have been urgently purchasing the vaccine. Therefore, Fosun is willing to provide vaccine services for Taiwan compatriots.

The Taiwanese government, for its part, said it was in negotiations with BionTech, not with Fosun. And when BionTech pulled out of the deal, the other two parties announced that they had set up the deal. Taiwan implied that China was responsible for the failed deal, while China accused Taiwan of trying to bypass Fosun.

BionTech had said in February that it planned to provide the vaccine to Taiwan, but provided no further details. There has been no follow-up since.

China claims Taiwan as its own territory and has had several scuffles with Taiwan over the New Crown crisis. Taiwan accuses China of spreading fake news. But Beijing denies this.

Taiwan received about 700,000 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine. But that vaccine is about to run out because of increased infections. Taiwan has also ordered millions of doses of the vaccine, including Moderna, but vaccine supplies are currently delayed worldwide.