Long-giving ship stuck in Suez Canal, Egypt’s claim reduced to $550 million

Evergreen Marine Chang Chi ship blocked the Suez Canal in March, causing a traffic stoppage, the canal authorities to the Japanese shipowner Zheng Rong steamship claim. The chairman of the Canal Authority said yesterday evening that the amount of the claim has been reduced to $550 million.

The Egyptian authorities detained the 200,000-ton displacement MV Ever Given in April, and filed a complaint in the local court, seeking $916 million from the Japanese shipowner, Shouei Kisen.

However, the Suez Canal Authority (SCA) Chairman Osama Rabie (Osama Rabie) said in an interview with TV talk show host Amr Adib yesterday evening that the amount of the claim has been reduced to $550 million.

Rabie: “The shipowner estimated the cost of carrying cargo on board at about $775 million, and we respect that by reducing the claim to $550 million.”

Long Given (Ever Given), one of the world’s largest container ships, was hit by a sandstorm on March 23, hitting the slant blocking the river and impeding the canal’s two-way traffic, disrupting global trade. Canal authorities mobilized Egyptian manpower and international rescue experts, it took six days to move the stranded Ever Given out of the river.

The Suez Canal connects the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, and more than 10 percent of global trade depends on this waterway linking Asia and Europe.

According to the Suez Canal Authority, Egypt lost between $12 million and $15 million in revenue per day during the canal’s closure.

The Suez Canal Authority’s court in Ismailia ruled today that the canal authority’s claim against Zheng Rong Steamship will be transferred to a special court for trial, scheduled to begin on May 29.