Italian cable car crashes, at least eight people dead, three people injured

On May 23, a cable car connecting Lake Maggiore, Italy, to a nearby mountain crashed, killing at least eight people and injuring three others, including two children who were seriously injured.

According to Reuters, the Stresa-Mottarone (Stresa-Mottarone) cable car transported tourists and locals from the small town of Stresa on Lake Maggiore to the summit of Mottarone mountain.

Simone Bobbio, a spokesman for Italy’s Piedmont region’s mountain rescue service, told Reuters that the cable car crashed during the ascent near the penultimate pillar, and there are no details on the nationality or age of the victims.

Walter Milan, another spokesman for the National Alpine Rescue Service, told RaiNews24 television that two children had been taken by helicopter to a pediatric hospital in the nearby northern city of Turin.

Rescue services received an emergency call just after noon, Milan said, adding that the cable car had fallen from a great height into the woods below.

CNN reported that at least eight people died and three were injured, including two children. The Italian National Fire Brigade posted a photo of the cable car scene on its official Twitter account. The photo showed a destroyed cable car near broken trees and severed cables. A spokeswoman for the fire department said the death toll could rise.

According to local media ANSA, the cable snapped 300 meters from the top of the mountain. The cable car then plunged into a forested area with no direct road access. Reuters reported that nine people died.