Iran rotating power outages official: because of heat, water shortage, cryptocurrency mining

A traffic light at an intersection in Tehran was not lit on the 23rd because of a power outage, causing traffic chaos.

According to Iranian media, AFP reports that Iran has been experiencing rotating power outages since the 23rd, officially due to hot weather, poor performance of hydroelectric plants due to drought, and too much power consumption for cryptocurrency mining.

Power outages in the Iranian summer heat are nothing new. The government reported earlier this month that rainfall was 43 percent less than the long-term average and water supplies were tight this year.

Iranian state-run television reported that the capital Tehran and other cities have experienced power outages without warning this year, sparking public discontent.

The power dispatch companies in Tehran, Alborz and Reza Khorasan provinces have announced rotating blackouts of at least two hours in each district, with no power cuts in the evenings.

The state-run Iranian Students News Agency reported that Motvarizadeh, director of the Iranian Electricity Company, said the country’s power grid was overloaded due to “high electricity consumption due to rising temperatures and the new phenomenon of excessive power consumption for cryptocurrency mining” in addition to the drought.