Half of those who froze to death were masters! Gansu cross-country horse 21 dead “China super horse first person” died

China’s Gansu Province on the 22nd held the “Yellow River Stone Forest Mountain Marathon 100 km cross-country race”, but unexpectedly encountered violent weather changes, resulting in 21 deaths, many of China’s best cross-country players were not spared, had in Hong Kong cross-country marathon controversy, known as “China’s first super horse “The cross-country horse good Liang Jing also lost his life.

Comprehensive Chinese media reports, Gansu cross-country horse race suddenly suffered severe weather changes, in the strong wind, hail, freezing rain weather conditions, many runners lost temperature, resulting in serious casualties, 172 participants, 21 people unfortunately died, 8 people were injured, survivors said, they abandoned the race to withdraw, see many people lying on the ground shivering, at that time immediately let out a cry, helpless, because another 3 minutes later, they also can not get down.

Some industry insiders revealed that half of the frozen to death are cross-country horse circle of masters, including known as “China’s first super horse” Liang Jing, China’s Paralympic Games champion Huang Guanjun were killed in the event.

Liang Jing had run 267.701 kilometers in Hangzhou 24-hour race, also holds the Chinese 12-hour 151.2 kilometers record, but he had also in the Hong Kong 100 cross-country marathon controversy, although its 9 hours, 28 minutes and 35 seconds to finish first, but was accused of grabbing water all the way through the process, and was disqualified by the General Assembly.

Liang Jing’s last message was at 8:00 am on the day of the Gansu cross-country horse race, saying that now “the wind is a bit strong”.