Lin Rongji is afraid that RTHK will be further crossed

Huang Chun-sheng, pastor of the Jinan Church of the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan, who has been concerned about the people of Hong Kong, said he was puzzled by the Hong Kong government’s statement. He asked why the Hong Kong government did not close its local offices, as the United Kingdom and Canada are the ones that have helped the people of Hong Kong leave Hong Kong the most, and they have even formulated special policies. The head of the Causeway Bay Bookstore in Taipei, Lin Rongji, said the Hong Kong government’s move was expected, and expected the next wave of action by the Hong Kong government would force the closure of Taiwan’s offices in Hong Kong and other institutions, interrupting normal exchanges and economic and trade ties between Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Pastor Huang Chunsheng said yesterday that Taiwan’s government has always acted according to procedures, and the destination of the most Hong Kong people leaving at the moment is not Taiwan, but the United Kingdom, Canada and other places, “if we want to break off contact with Taiwan because of this reason (brutal intervention in Hong Kong affairs), I think it does not make sense.” Huang said he was engaged in religious and humanitarian work in Taiwan, noting that the government did not change the law for Hong Kong people, but the immigration policy tightened, “it is not easy to come to Taiwan, and the Taiwanese government has not amended the law, the Taiwanese government has not changed the status quo”.

He continued that democracy, freedom and human rights are the common core values of mankind, and his work in Taiwan is to help and care for the needy, including refugees who fled to Taiwan from mainland China or elsewhere, “They are under political duress, and we all have an obligation to do our part to show some modest concern”. He called on Hong Kong’s rulers to reflect on why so many Hong Kong people would leave.

The closure of the Hong Kong office in Taiwan on the grounds that Taiwan has “repeatedly and violently interfered in Hong Kong affairs” reflects the resentment of the Hong Kong government towards Taiwan for providing assistance to those who participated in the anti-China campaign in 2019. Lam described the Hong Kong government’s action as a showdown with Taiwan, forcing the Taiwanese authorities to stop “interfering” in Hong Kong affairs. He expects that the next wave of the Hong Kong government will force the closure of Taiwan offices in Hong Kong and other institutions, or even escalate the action to interrupt normal exchanges and economic and trade ties between Taiwan and Hong Kong.