Sage building shaking exposed the national inferiority

Shenzhen Sage building shaking, causing concern at home and abroad. The video footage shows people running in panic in the street, full of disaster film footage. After the incident, the government announced that there was no major problem after the inspection, the building shaking is up and down vibration, there is no ground crack around, and so on and so forth.

But only two days later, Sage Tower has announced a complete closure, all users evacuated until the investigation is completed.

After the incident, the Internet appeared all kinds of claims, there are said that the building construction, no drawings have been started, afterwards repeatedly change the drawings, and repeatedly do remedial works. It is also said that during the construction period in order to hurry up, each building floor only seven days, while the normal concrete needs to use twenty-eight days to set, in order to ensure that the bite with the steel to meet the standard. It is also said that the building to reduce costs, the use of large amounts of sea sand, and trace elements in the sea sand, easy to cause corrosion of reinforcing steel and damage the building structure.

No one knows what the reason is, only that no one dares to go in without solving the shaking problem. No one dares to go in to work, what about those companies? The landlord is making payments on the building, is there any rental income, can it be maintained? Even if they are tenants themselves, do they have to pay the original rent? The company moved to another office building, the new rent is another payment, how to survive?

If the experts say there is no problem after the test, and everyone goes back to work, in case there is a small earthquake one day, or eventually can not hold on to fall down, then who will be responsible? Who will be responsible if such a high building falls down and crushes the surrounding buildings and kills countless people?

The matter can be big or small, who dare to guarantee? At the beginning of the construction of the rush time, known as “Shenzhen speed”, but now, Shenzhen speed has become Shenzhen trouble, the people to fight for their lives, the officials how to take care of the aftermath?

The U.S. Consulate has advised nationals not to go to Shenzhen Huaqiang North Road, the American response is very timely.

The problem of the Sage Building is by no means an isolated problem, in China, tofu-dreg projects are a common phenomenon. From time to time we see news of a bridge collapsing somewhere, or a house built halfway and somehow falling down.

The problem of the Sage Building reveals the bad nature of the Chinese nation, and the fact that China is full of tofu-dreg projects has a lot to do with the national nature of the Chinese people.

Chinese people have a long tradition of ignorance, lack of modern civilization education for a hundred years, do not seek to understand the objective laws, there is a common peasant-style whimsical, self-righteous. Mao Zedong when engaged in the Great Leap Forward, iron and steel, rice dense planting mu yield of 10,000 jin, are ignoring the objective laws, “how bold people, the land has a lot of production”, man decided to win the day. Sage building for the creation of “Shenzhen speed”, no drawings on the construction, and seven days to build a floor, which are the evil consequences of contempt for science.

The reform and opening up caused by the impatience of all people, resulting in seeking fast not stable, seeking quantity not quality. Because the poor for too long, once the opportunity to send round, just want to catch up, raise eyebrows. Slightly rich, and false fire rise, think they can do anything, the face of rapid development of self-absorption.

China is so big, infrastructure investment on all fronts, in order to catch up with the harvest, greedy for flat and fast. Local officials to infrastructure as a political achievement project, took the GDP data up to claim credit, and then promoted to go, leaving the right and wrong, the consequences are not responsible. So digging down I do not know how many people do not know the “pit”, waiting for the back of the officials to clean up.

I do not know whether China has the relevant laws and regulations of architectural design and construction, to Sage Building for example, it is suspected that the relevant regulations do not exist, or although there is a text, but there is no regulation, or although there is regulation, but the regulation is not set up, or there is regulation, but there is no regulation of regulation, regulation can be bribed. It is reasonable to approve before construction, how can the approval body tolerate incomplete drawings? It is against common sense to build a floor in seven days, why do you allow the construction unit to mess around? In the mainland, everything can be “compiled”, everything can be “cheated”, the only problem is whether you can pass the customs, so do everything in the “pass”, want to pass, of course! “Money makes the devil go round”.

China has been lagging behind for many years, and has been left behind at the world level for a long time in terms of science and technology and construction achievements, and the collective sentiment of the Chinese people is to raise their eyebrows and balance their national inferiority complex. For this reason, the only way is to do more extraordinary things, to dare to catch up with the world’s advanced level, to be happy to create “miracles”. In order to achieve the purpose of glorious ancestors, to add glory to the country, do not hesitate to go against the objective law, regardless of the consequences of the strong head, and the result is a wild ride, all the way to abandon their armor.

How will the Sage Tower incident end? It makes people dizzy to think about it. The building can not be used, there are only two futures, one is to demolish, the second is to throw empty. The demolition is a big project, how big a piece of land must be circled to ensure safety when doing such a thing in a densely populated area in the city center? How much time would it take to demolish from top to bottom? If you use explosive, in case of inaccurate calculations, fall down and crush more buildings next to it, how is that good?

If you don’t demolish it and leave it empty, it will be a dead city and an unthinkable waste in a valuable downtown location.

More likely, the government will announce that the building building is within safe limits after testing, all companies resume work, as to whether it will fall, it will be left to God to worry about.