Three major tragedies on the same day Hebei Dalian Gansu a total of 31 people died

Mainland China, disaster-prone and accident-prone. On May 22 alone, three major tragedies were staged.

The crowd in Dalian crossed the sidewalk normally and was hit by a speeding black BMW, killing five people and injuring many others, the tragic scene was unbearable to witness. It is reported that the hit-and-run vehicle ran a red light without slowing down the crowd, in the end what is the reason?

The same day, Gansu Baiyin Mountain Marathon cross-country race suddenly encountered extreme weather, the organizers without warning, resulting in the death of 21 participants.

The same day, Hebei Xian County and 5 girls unfortunately drowned, the reason is unknown.

According to the extreme news, on the afternoon of May 22, five children unfortunately drowned in the town of Hancun, Xian County, Hebei, the specific cause is under investigation.

Mr. Zhang of Hancun Town told reporters that at 4 p.m. on May 22, the news of the drowning of five children came in the village, and he and his family heard about it. “The accident pit, about 1 km from Han village, 5 are girls, all primary school students.” Mr. Zhang said that many people in the village have gone to see, he was busy doing things, so he did not go over.

Mr. Liu (a pseudonym), another villager in Hanchun town, confirmed the statement, “five children are girls, three of them are Hanchun village (administrative village under Hanchun town), two are from the next village. “Mr. Liu said that the three children of Han village village happen to be his neighbors, are in elementary school, the next village of two children or cousins.

Mr. Liu also said that at about 3 p.m. on May 22, Han Village’s loudspeaker shouted, “Who’s children are not at home, we all hurry to take a look.” After the children were recovered, there were no vital signs, and the remains of the five children were taken home by their respective parents.

Hebei Xian County official release information said, May 22 at 4:19 p.m., Xian County Public Security Bureau 110 Command Center received a mass alarm, Han Village Town, there are children in the village pond drowning, by multiple search and rescue salvage, five children have drowned, the specific cause of the police are investigating.