Chicago police union votes ‘no confidence’ in leftist Mayor Lightfoot

The Breitbart News reported on May 22 that members of Chicago’s largest police union, voted no confidence in leftist black Mayor Ms. Lori Lightfoot, Superintendent David Brown and First Deputy Superintendent Eric Carter on Wednesday.

Catanzar, president of Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 7, said on the tube that members voted unanimously at Wednesday’s general meeting to approve a vote of no confidence in the mayor, superintendent and first deputy superintendent with zero dissent.

The basis for this no-confidence vote was fairly simple. One was the cancellation of the St. Jude parade, which the convention felt was disrespectful to the Gold Star family because the St. Jude parade is an event that not only the Gold Star family, but all of us in the fraternity, look forward to every year to honor our fallen comrades.

Gold Star families are the families of service members who have died in the line of duty, a designation intended to honor the ultimate sacrifice of service members while acknowledging the loss, grief and ongoing trauma healing of their families.

The second part of the no-confidence vote dealt with the working conditions of police officers for a year, including the lack of family life, and social life. Too many police officers have been forced to work longer hours and are compensated the same whether voluntarily or not. This is completely unjustified, but the police department doesn’t give a damn.

Catanzara, president of the Fraternal Order of Police chapter, noted that “to cancel rest days and 12-hour shifts without just cause is very close to a breach of contract, which states that it must be an emergency to breach the contract.”

Catanzara explained, “The supervisor told me very clearly on the phone that the reason for doing this was because of the fear that something would happen on George Floyd’s anniversary. “Catanzara argued that this reason did not make sense.