Wang Feng’s mother in tears Married for 6 years “multifaceted” Zhang Ziyi

Heaven is full of love and affection, but not with longevity. God has given you a mercurial heart, but not with a long time together. The entertainment industry is full of amorous men.

Wang Feng, a talented man who is quite accomplished in the field of music. But his love life far exceeds the audience’s perception of his music. Despite the complexity of his love life, he is a notoriously filial son to his family, and Zhang Ziyi is also quite influenced to treat his mother-in-law with respect.

In the face of complex family relationships, whether as a wife, daughter-in-law or mother, Zhang Ziyi interpreted each role to the extreme.

The oldest child gave birth to a child, which led to depression

The 40-year-old Zhang Ziyi, already belongs to an advanced maternity age, but she still desperately gave birth to a son for Wang Feng, so she is also loved by her mother-in-law.

Not coincidentally, during that time of sitting on the moon, the new crown pneumonia swept in. Zhang Ziyi, who was already an advanced maternal age, plus the impact of the epidemic could only be active at home, and over time her body hormones dropped sharply and she suffered from postpartum depression.

Although Wang Feng and his family accompanied him, the psychologist also carried out psychological counselling, but in the end it did not work, Zhang Ziyi’s mood is still good and bad, often for no reason to fall into tears.

One wave has not subsided and another wave has risen. Zhang Ziyi, whose mood has just improved, learned that her mother-in-law, Gu Yuezhen, was suffering from complications of diabetes, and her mother-in-law was sent to a Beijing hospital in time.

Zhang Ziyi’s mother-in-law has also publicly stated that she likes this daughter-in-law very much and that the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law have a good relationship. When Wang Feng’s father died early, Zhang Ziyi also offered to bring her mother-in-law to Beijing to live with her. The sensible mother-in-law thought it was inconvenient to live together because of the different living habits of the two generations, so she refused Zhang Ziyi’s offer.

This time when she was sick, her mother-in-law was still reluctant to come and disturb her, so Wang Feng stayed with her mother in the hospital day and night.

As a daughter-in-law, Zhang Ziyi is not worried about her mother-in-law’s condition, so she let her nanny look after her son at home and went to the hospital to accompany her sick mother-in-law.

This move, Wang Feng actually relieved. The new crown pneumonia special period, the hospital would have been crowded, in case a virus brought home, the disaster is their own baby son. The most important thing is that Zhang Ziyi just gave birth to a child, the body has not recovered in all aspects.

Zhang Ziyi saw through Wang Feng’s mind and comforted him, “It’s okay, I will pay attention to protection, but as a daughter-in-law I should come over to take care of my mother-in-law.” In desperation, Wang Feng agreed to Zhang Ziyi’s request.

In this way, Zhang Ziyi and Wang Feng took turns to take care of their sick mother-in-law during the day and at night. The mother-in-law saw Zhang Ziyi busy taking care of herself every day, she couldn’t help but feel guilty and said to Zhang Ziyi with tears in her eyes, “I’m sorry, I’m not well, not only can I not help you take care of the children, but also drag you down.”

Zhang Ziyi was moved by her mother-in-law’s words, her eyes moistened, she took her mother-in-law’s hand and said comfortingly: “Mom, it’s okay, you feel at ease, there is me at home.”

Companionship is the best “medicine”

In Zhang Ziyi’s careful care, half a month later, the mother-in-law’s condition was temporarily well controlled. Wang Feng and Zhang Ziyi took her mother-in-law home to recuperate, but she insisted on going back to her own home. In the face of the mother-in-law who had no one to rely on, Zhang Ziyi did not relent and insisted on bringing her home to live with her.

The mother-in-law knew what the children wanted, so she went home with Zhang Ziyi. But at this time, Gu Yuezhen is also happy, who does not want to have children and grandchildren around the knee after old age?

After the death of Wang Feng’s father, his mother seemed to have aged a lot overnight. She would stay up all night with her TV show on, creating fake sounds, because the sudden absence of her husband in her life was an unbearable loneliness. In the face of her partner’s departure, even if Wang Feng is more filial, there is still a part of her mother-in-law’s heart that is missing.

Now, Zhang Ziyi watched her son gradually melt her mother-in-law’s heart, and she actually smiled when she got along with her son. And this smile has not appeared at the corners of the mother-in-law’s mouth for years.

In a loving environment, her mother-in-law’s condition improved, and Zhang Ziyi felt relieved. In the daytime, she takes care of her mother-in-law, while taking care of the children, although the family hired a sister-in-law nanny, but more often than not, Zhang Ziyi personally to do something. It is also in the busy, Zhang Ziyi will forget their anxiety and anxiety, postpartum depression also disappeared. The company of family members has become the best “medicine”.

Happy life is always short. The illness lasted less than a month, and the mother-in-law eventually passed away. Before she left, her mother-in-law was happy, holding Zhang Ziyi’s hand and said: “I have reached the end of my life, this life Wang Feng met you is his greatest blessing, is also my blessing, thank you for walking with me through this last journey of life. Xixi also became confident under your care, you are a good daughter-in-law, good mother.” Faced with the death of her mother-in-law, Zhang Ziyi has long been sobbing.

After sending off his mother, Wang Feng was devastated by the loss of his closest relative. As a wife, Zhang Ziyi was a bit overwhelmed by her husband’s daily depression. She then planned with her eldest and youngest daughters the “Daddy Smile” campaign, and with her tireless efforts, Wang Feng gradually came out of the sadness of losing his mother. In the eyes of Wang Feng, Zhang Ziyi is not only a beautiful, gentle and considerate wife, but also a mother who can do anything.


The young and famous “International Zhang”, for himself and his family, unloads his noble identity and devotes himself to the trivial life. For Wang Feng, Zhang Ziyi is not only a famous movie queen, but also a good wife, a good mother and a good daughter-in-law. This is also the reason that he, who was a flirt for a while, fell under this pomegranate skirt. The prodigal son is the best husband, which is perfect for Wang Feng.

The most important thing is that you can be a good cook, and that’s what Zhang Ziyi is all about.

Now, the couple has been together for 6 years, whether it’s love or marriage, they need two feelings to continue. There are no feelings in life that can outweigh love, and two people who truly love each other will only make the years rich and happy.