Japan’s Land Forces Amphibious Unit 3rd Company to be deployed in Nagasaki to prevent China from seizing the island

Japan’s Kyodo News exclusively reported on the 22nd that Japan will establish a new third unit in the Land Self-Defense Force, the “Surface Mobile Corps”, which specializes in amphibious operations and is responsible for island seizure, in response to China’s rising activities in the East China Sea around the Diaoyutai Islands, and intends to Deployed in Kyushu Nagasaki Prefecture.

The report pointed out that the Japanese government had considered deploying this new unit in Hokkaido, where the training environment is perfect, but in order to respond to Chinese pressure on the Diaoyutai Islands, the authorities valued the existing two units of the “Surface Mobile Corps” stationed at the Sasebo City Aura Base in Nagasaki Prefecture, as well as the cooperation with U.S. forces in Japan, including Okinawa, and therefore moved toward The direction of deployment in Nagasaki Prefecture, Takematsu base discussion.

A number of government sources revealed on the 22nd, the authorities envisage that the third surface mobile company is the same size as the first and second companies, with a strength of about 600 people, to become an army in 2024, which will make the total of about 3,000 people, including communications and logistics units, more complete surface mobile regiment.