Wuhan pneumonia and Chinese viruses

When I was young, I heard that ‘sickness is a sin’. At that time, I could not understand this statement. I could only understand it by the Christian teaching. It means that people should not only know the pain of ‘sickness’, but not see the harm of ‘sin’. What Jesus did during his life, besides being a ‘healer’, was to be a ‘shepherd’. If Jesus were resurrected today, it would be in China. China is a country that, in addition to spreading ‘Wuhan pneumonia’ to harm the whole world, has also planted an untimely bomb for a world war with ‘nationalism’ of Chinese characteristics. There is nothing wrong with nationalism that maintains fine traditions and dignity. But to propagate a nationalism of hatred with an authoritarian dictatorship is to spread an ideological virus whose root cause is the evil of human nature, or ‘original sin’. For the Chinese, this is ‘original sin’ with Chinese characteristics. What China is doing today makes us see clearly that ‘sickness is sin’. That everything can be said to be produced by the evil of human nature.

For more than a year, Taiwan has been praised by the world for its success in epidemic prevention. We all share the happiness and glory of our country, regardless of blue and green. But unfortunately recently there has been a sudden increase in the number of confirmed cases in the local area within three days. The trend is out of control. There are rumors on the internet that there are many Chinese people who are gloating and there are even calls to “take advantage of this opportunity to unify Taiwan”. I don’t know if you can see this ‘Chinese virus’ which is more terrible than ‘Wuhan pneumonia’? Is Chinese humanity inherently evil? Do they themselves know their own ‘evil’? Do they know that they are sick in their own minds? Will they reflect on the truth that ‘sickness is sin’?

This epidemic can perhaps be regarded as an exercise. When it comes to China’s forceful invasion of Taiwan, can the people of Taiwan not be more united and united regardless of blue and green? The ‘self-discipline’ and ‘unity’ of the people, judging from the response after the outbreak, except for a few ‘trivial’ people, makes us very confident in the quality of the Taiwanese people. .

The Blue camp uses the epidemic for political struggle

In Taipei and Xinbei, where the epidemic is most serious, the mayors of the non-ruling party are at first trying to make a distinction with the central government. However, ‘the head of the tree is not in a position to be surprised by the tail of the tree. The people’s eyes are discerning about the central epidemic prevention command center and especially Chen Shizhong’s dedication to creating an exemplary epidemic prevention that is the envy of the world. That is why the mayors gradually know how to restrain their speeches. Because they know that being unreasonable will be backlash from public opinion instead. For a few KMT legislators, with malicious attacks, they want Chen Shizhong to step down, want to shoot Chen Shizhong, and arch Lai Ching-teh to take over. This not only shows their hatred mentality of not seeing Taiwan well, but also has the calculation of dividing Taiwanese people. I wonder if they have seen their ‘disease’ and ‘sin’?

It is a blessing not a curse, but a curse that cannot be avoided. The ‘Wuhan pneumonia’ was a disaster. But it made the world see the evil of the Chinese Communist Party and made Taiwan ‘prosperous in many ways’. For the Taiwanese, having the pressure of China has instead prompted them to not dare to slacken or debauch, and to develop resilience and solidarity. As for the ‘China virus’ that Taiwanese have contracted as a result of the KMT’s brainwashing, I believe that under the increasingly mature universal values of Taiwanese society and the increasingly sound development of democracy and the rule of law, this ‘China virus’ will also die with the ‘ The ‘China virus’ will be eradicated with the death of the ‘host’. Let us pray together for the peace and health of the world and Taiwan. Let us also pray for the health of the Chinese people, be it physical or mental.

However, if ‘Wuhan pneumonia’ is proven to have been created in China and for the purpose of bacteriological warfare, then I am afraid that this ‘sin’ is not just a moral sin, but a felony committed under international public law, and it will be difficult to escape the prosecution and claims of the world The ‘crime’ is not just a moral one, but a felony of international public law, and it will be difficult to escape the prosecution and claims of the world.