It is rare for families to go out and play together.

The only few trips I’ve ever taken with my elders could be described as suffering. My parents’ appreciation for food is very solid. Our family often went out with a table of local food and I ate it all, my mom took a picture and then she and my dad went to find a Hunan restaurant.

When I was a kid, I didn’t understand why they were so obsessed with all the engraved rocks in the scenic spots, but if you don’t see them, you’re bound to put your hand on them and take a small photo of your left leg on your right leg to warm up your friends. Even a tree that looks ordinary but grows a little thicker is not to be photographed.

A variety of fancy fancy expensive but no egg handicrafts can not not buy, because “your aunt and uncle they all know I came out to play, how can I go back empty-handed “.

I am basically a tool to help them look at the map to find the way + book electronic tickets + get together three people can send a family photo. The three most said words every day: “You do not shoot me, you do not take the original camera to shoot, you do not send shaking in ah. “

My father’s cell phone in my black backlight can not see the features, my mother’s cell phone in my beauty face skin open too large as can not see the features.

The actual fact is, if you come back from a trip, I showed a hint of the idea that it’s not fun to go out, or play with your phone at home, my mom will come to scold.

The family rarely goes out to play together, the joy of heaven! We can accompany you for several years ah! You don’t have any sense of involvement! Your generation of children really have no conscience! “

@TheBeijingFirstTigress: I feel that many people, especially those who are older, really can’t talk properly. Obviously the starting point is good, but just to disgust people.

For example, my mother, one year I had a birthday, she and my father picked up together, my husband called to order the Liyuan, but also specially ordered a pot of 780 also not 880 soup, in fact, Liyuan we do not often eat, a few times a year, the price of soup is never ordered, I just think Tianjin no Liyuan, they came over a trip, want to eat a good meal well. Then my mother has been in that yin and yang, said we really rich ah, said this soup is cheating ghosts, not as good as the instant noodles seasoning punch. The first is still a slight yin and yang, my mother-in-law is still embarrassed to play the field and mud, and then is crazy yin and yang, and finally angry I cried, she shut up, the whole night who did not eat well. As a result, my mother said she was actually just heartbroken that I gave her money to spend, in fact, also know that I usually do not eat these?

I have a friend, before his mother has been helping him with the children, very hard, it seems to be 2019, he said to his mother a vacation, the two families discussed, said to the elderly to report a 12-day tour of Europe, and to report a good, 30,000 to 40,000 kind, the results of his mother said they are letting her go to death? The last chat is also afraid that they spend money.

Just now one of my sisters, crying to me on the phone, her mother every day at home to take care of her grandma, especially hard, she said to hire a nanny, to give her mother a surprise. The result is that when the nanny arrived at 9:00, her mother was furious and coaxed to leave, and then called her to insult her, saying that she had a few bad money.

Another time I went to a friend’s house for dinner, her mother and father to eat with us, her mother’s cooking is particularly good, her father ate two bites fast, the mother said “slow down to eat, careful to choke to death. Later, the mother drank Coke, and the father said, “Do not drink, look at their bellies, are flowing to the kitchen outside, so much sugar, when you get diabetes I will divorce to find a I’ll get a divorce and find a small one. “I listened to all to coma, but the old couple is still talking and laughing?

Anyway, I really hope that people around me, especially family members, can speak properly and use less irony, rhetorical questions, provocations and other stuff.