In Shanxi, it began to be everywhere in the hegemony

Do you remember Hegang?

At that time a youth spent 58,000 yuan in Hegang full purchase of a set of 77 square feet, with renovation of the second-hand small two-bedroom, “house prices such as onions” let Hegang overnight red.

Not a few months later, there is a follow the youth to buy a house people spent 30,000 in Hegang to purchase a house, the results finally 22,000 cheap resale.

In most people are complaining about the price of housing, crowded city life, the social environment of the inner volume, Hegang such a presence seems to stand out from the crowd, but the cheap sale of houses also makes people realize that the rise and fall of the value of the house often also means the arrival and departure of an era.

The news of Hegang was soon forgotten as the public opinion hotspots dissipated, and the agreement to go to Hegang to buy houses in a group was forgotten.

But in fact, there are many cities in the country are still staged similar to the “Hegang” type of city strangers and sad song.

This microscopic story tells the story of a young man who went to Changzhi, Shanxi Province to buy a house.

On October 13, 2016, under the lens of all the reporters, the 90-year-old, 137.9-meter-deep south sub-shaft shaft of Shiyaojie was closed with cement, announcing the end of the life of the earliest coal mine in China.

Since then, most of the Shiyao coal mine workers have moved on, and those who heard the news long ago have already asked for connections to find another way. Overnight, the crowd of people gathered in the town became birds and beasts.

Today, this resource-depleted city has become a realistic version of a “ghost town”, with only the stores, banks and empty zoos on the street with closed windows hinting at the people who came to see the houses. Only the shops with closed windows, banks and an empty zoo hint that people who come to see the houses once actually lived here.

In Shiyao, 40,000 yuan can be paid in full for a 65 square foot second-hand house, and “the price is negotiable”.

I stood in place, tilting my head and looking around the rows of buildings, the bitter cold wind hissing at the doors and windows, making a horrible sound. Not far away was the huge circular glass enclosure with the usual modern feel of the sky alien, in stark contrast to the crumbling town.

“Come and see! “Li Shengchao walked in front of me, greeting hands for me to quickly past.

I took two steps closer, another row of empty buildings, all the balconies were empty, there were many without even furniture, could look through to the hillside in the background, I took out my phone and shivered to press the shutter.

This is a cross-section of the winter Shi Oh Festival, the sun is weak at noon, the whole neighborhood is empty, the silence exudes desolation.

My friend and I were going to come here to buy a house.


Shengchao is my high school classmate, after graduating from college he returned from Taiyuan to his hometown of Changzhi, his son inherited his father’s work and became a glorious sons and daughters soldier in the local coal mine.

Coal mining is the backbone of our industry in Shanxi, and the livelihood of most people. Even though it is now on the wane, in a fifth-tier city like Changzhi, coal miners still have a secure iron rice bowl.

Shengchao’s bowl now only gives him 2,400 yuan a month, I learned the figure when my pupils dilated, full of surprise. He smiled bitterly helplessly: “Fortunately, the local per capita wage of 1900 yuan, I have been above the level. “

In addition, he quietly put his head over my ear and told me he was ready to buy a house.

“So soon to save enough money? ” I blushed with envy.

“What ah, a house here only cost 30,000 to 40,000, not enough for a few months of your salary. “

Wouldn’t that be cheaper than a house in Hegang? I stared in awe, thinking of myself renting a 10 million dollar mansion at an average price of 90,000 a square foot, compared to the ease of purchase here, instant envy:.

“If you go to buy a house take me with you to see, OK? “

Coincidentally, half a month later, I temporarily returned to Taiyuan from Shenzhen, got a lot of time, Shengchao call, want me to accompany him to see the house, I gladly agreed.

So, we jumped on a bus to Changzhi.

This is a small city in Shanxi are no name, it is difficult to imagine 2020 high-speed rail has not yet touched. To say what other labels this city has, Shengchao can not even think of.

Even Changzhi’s specialty, power coal, is not surprising in Shanxi, where mine caves are everywhere. Three hours later, Shengchao received me at the bus station and took me on the road with simple pleasantries.

Shengchao’s unit is located in Wangzhuang Coal Mine in Tunliu County, Changzhi City, which is the only small mine in Changzhi under the Lu’an Group, one of the Fortune 500 companies.

Shengchao’s father has been a miner here for more than 30 years, and he had to do a lot of favors to get him a place for his children, so now he doesn’t need to go down the well, and he can easily live his life by handling some documents.

“I really envy your small life, not to go to work can be paid. “Thinking of Shengchao and I said three days and then not go to work, I heart envy.

“Envy my ass, just waiting for death! “He sighed, his eyes did not leave the rugged road ahead.

The narrow tarmac surface has long been crushed into pieces by the overweight trucks that pass by all year round, and we walked very bumpy. When a large truck pulling coal whistling past, the bump will always swing up thick coal ash, the roadside dry branches were dyed black, if not the red and green head, thought into the black and white film set.

And Shenzhen is out of the blue sky and blue sea want to compare, here is simply the difference between clouds and mud.

I have been in close contact with Shengchao for three years, but I did not know that he worked in such a harsh environment.

Even in the car, I am tightly banded mask, Shengchao complained to me, to drive 40 km back and forth to the city every day is too tired, he is not willing to go to the wilderness to buy a house. “The air is so bad! “

Then, Shengchao and I complained about the housing prices in Changzhi: the per capita salary is pathetically low, but the housing prices are so high that they are comparable to Taiyuan. His friend had just bought a new house in the city and it was already at an average price of 13,000.

I timidly retorted, my sister just looked at the wedding house at the entrance of the Taiyuan subway, only seven thousand, million than the honorable Changzhi.

Limited funds limit his choice, Shi Oh section is on the side of Wang Zhuang coal mine, heard many colleagues say that the house there is very cheap, so I want to come to a set of lunch break and landing residence, if the wind and rain, can not drive a car, restrictions on the fault, at least here is also considered half home.

“Only 30,000 yuan a set, you say 30,000 yuan now can do? “He knuckle buckle steering wheel open-minded a smile.


“Can’t be, 30,000 can buy such a luxurious house? “

I looked at the roadside a quaint Chinese villa shocked, especially when I saw the roadside and a more than a million Alfa nanny car direct emotion: I did not expect in the country’s famous poor area there is such a party!

“What do you think! We haven’t arrived yet, this is someone’s village house! “Shengchao knocked me awake with a jealous face.

But the shock was still there. What kind of villagers can afford to drive a luxury car with millions of dollars?

“Naturally, it’s a coal mining village. “

Shengchao did not have the good grace to introduce to me, “we are now passing through the well-known rich village of Tunliu County South Village, where the coal is just a dozen meters or less below the surface, but also all high-quality fine coal “.

Before the collection of the editor, many villagers are at home to dig their own pits mining coal pulled out to sell, a few people in partnership to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy equipment, drilling in their own yards, “a truckload to pull out, the cheapest only a few dozen dollars a ton, even the market price of less than a third. “

Not only the South Village, to the north of the North Village, Zhang Village, Huojiagou are the village of coal for a living, this area of small and large factories on hundreds, all over the mining, storage, cleaning, logistics and other coal upstream industry, every day from here out of the coal pulling car are thousands of hundreds of cars.

Passing cars are dusty, so the car wash has become the second side business of the village.

With the unique resources, these villages in the early nineties on the birth of many millionaires. The most prosperous time in the village luxury cars, villas, dressed in one of the biggest brands.

These wealthy owners of the soil to Hainan to buy houses, to Beijing nightclubs, to Hong Kong Macau gambling, “Shanxi people are rich”, with their generosity has long been notorious .

07, 08 years in the village of all the private small mine integration, some merged into the state-owned enterprises, some collected into the village, but also the blessing, rain, when each household by taking the share of a year can be divided into millions.

“At that time, New Year’s Eve are a family trip to Hong Kong, the village mahjong restaurant checkout RMB is gone can also use Hong Kong dollars, arrogant”, said Shengchao.

In small cities, all kinds of relationships are intricately connected. The reason that Shengchao knows so much is that the son of a family with the surname Bai is the cousin of Shengchao’s classmate, and it is said that their family started earning millions of dollars a year, and then the cousin did not learn to be good and became addicted to gambling and drugs, and the good times went downhill in a hurry.

Along with the cousin’s tragedy, the South Village also ushered in the turning point.

In the past few years, the South Village coal resources are increasingly depleted, the fight against evil, environmental remediation and other reasons for the South Village of several collective mine shut down one after another, the South Village all of a sudden like a tiger incited eggs, the momentum has turned straight down.

Many people have fled, a large number of luxury cars and watches to sell, but also specifically derived from a group of clean up the Shanxi coal bosses fine and soft second-way dealers. I listened to tsk tsk, in the same Shanxi, there is no coal mine has become the fork in the road between heaven and mortality.

The car stopped at the entrance of a building at the big stone lion. Sheng Chao pointed inside and said, “This courtyard is his colleague’s friend’s home, specially invited the designer from Beijing, the design fee alone cost a small two million”.

However, this suite is now uninhabited, Shengchao said, they are in Hainan home ownership, a winter in Shanxi is too cold, the family moved over for the winter.

Now look back at the whole street of houses, many people moved away, the village gradually hollowed out.

Groups of villas are just empty, looking very desolate.


3 kilometers from our destination, a ding-dong intersection appeared in front of us.

A few meters to the right, we could see an eye-catching road sign with white letters on a blue background, with the words “Shiyao Mining Area” written on it. We followed the sign and drove there with one foot deep and one foot shallow.

On the way, Sheng Chao insider gestures to introduce me to the history of the development of coal mines in Shanxi.

Shi Oh Festival is the starting point of which, this open-pit coal mine hidden in the hinterland of Taihang Mountains was plundered and mined by the Japanese during the war, and after the war, the state spent a lot of efforts to reorganize and restore it, and it had become the “five good” enterprises with the highest output, highest efficiency, lowest cost, best quality and leanest organization in China for many years. enterprise.

The year 1963 was the highlight of Shiyao coal mine, which was personally recognized by Premier Zhou Enlai as one of the “five red flags of the national industrial and commercial front for running enterprises diligently and frugally”.

The “flower in the sea of coal” became the synonym of Shiyaojie, and the mining style of diligence and frugality became famous in China. I heard my father say that at the time of liberation, my grandfather and his family used to pick up tungsten wires from other people’s mining lamps. “

In its heyday, there were thousands of workers here. All the equipment was the top international coal mining machinery, and the indicators were among the top in the country.

The internal workers’ club, supermarket, dormitory, hospital and school were all available, and it was as lively as a small closed society. Successive national leaders have visited the site and praised the hard-working spirit of Shiyao.

“When my father was working in the 90s, his monthly income from the well was higher than mine now! ” Shengchao lamented that miners used to take their New Year’s bonuses to buy cars, where as now, the group still has to rely on loans to pay salaries to hundreds of thousands of employees.

With the depletion of Shiyao’s resources, the golden age belonging to this place has passed away.

The empty streets profoundly reveal its cruelty today: dumper trucks are gone, there are fewer cars, and even the sound of hawking is fading away. Street, in addition to a few scattered stores, the vast majority of stores are pulling the blue tin roller shutters, let the winter winds blowing in the cold.

A flash of red jumped into the eyes of the dilapidated, but is a zoo, walk into a look, indeed, there is nothing left.

The sunken monkey mountain courtyard is full of unmelted snow, Shengchao heard colleagues say here, there was a monkey on the hill, but now has no idea where it went.

From afar, we heard the sound of reading at the nearby school, we were delighted and curiously ran over to talk with the gatekeeper, Mr. Wang.

The result was unexpected: there have been no students here for many years, and this year was just contracted by a private middle school, specializing in closed-form cram training for the Chinese exams. At present, there are less than 60 students in a small 4-story building with more than 30 classrooms.

When Shi Oh Festival was at its peak, Master Wang was already working as a janitor.

He recalls the scene when there were hundreds of students, “are the children of nearby workers, a head of people to school time, this slope and stalls. “

But in the last five or six years, fewer and fewer people have come. Where to go he is not clear: “may also be and parents one after another transferred to school, may also be to Changzhi (downtown), to Taiyuan working. “

At present, there are less than a hundred people left in Shiyao, and the property and party office are still the distinctive flags that stand here. They believe firmly that as long as they still work here for a day, it marks the fact that this earliest coal mine in China is not dead yet.

The de facto death occurred in the late autumn of 2016, the day when, under the lens of all the reporters, the 90-year-old, 137.9-meter-deep south subwell riser was cemented shut, with the epitaph-like record of the final moment on the nameplate above, the closing time: October 13, 2016.

From then on, Shiyao completed its historical mission.

The shaft no longer pulls out a bit of coal to continue providing light and heat to the world, and all the employees were shunted to nearby sister mines.

“Actually, it was not completely depleted, but there was still a lot of high-ash, high-sulfur, low-calorific-value lower-group coal left, which was not worth the effort to mine anymore”, Shengchao corrected me.

That year, most of the Shiyao coal mine workers were transferred, and those who had heard the news long ago had already asked for connections to find another way.

Shengchao with a colleague in the office building is from Shiyao fled, five years ago he was in the most core research room, saw the coal mine closed down soon spent a lot of effort to struggle to Wangzhuang coal mine, now do a bummer enterprise management section clerk.

No movement of the bottom workers, most of them were forced to flow, some transferred into the factories of the Group’s peony seed oil, and some directly bought out their working years. Overnight, the crowd gathered in the town made birds and beasts scatter.

Master Wang, who is from Huguan, is not a regular worker of Lu’an. He has been alone for many years and lives by Shi Oh. He is old and has no intention to find another way out.

Still ready to inquire about what, Shengchao’s phone call came. The buyer has come over to wait for us.


Down the ramp is the address we agreed with the seller.

This is a family plot, just painted look, formerly dedicated to provide collective accommodation for people working in Shiyao, the yard is clean and tidy, notice board let pay hot water heating notice stays on October 23.

“There is everything here for water, electricity and heating, just no one! “Shengchao said with a forked tongue.

The further you go in, the more obvious the feeling of desolation.

In addition to one or two private cars, there is almost no trace of human life in the community. Each building looked up, all black, empty windows, even the curtains are not, can look through to the next door.

Sheng Chao’s face hardened, “how to look like a ghost town ah! “I also gulped, I only know that there are few people here, I did not expect more lonely than imagined.

is thinking, far heard the seller’s voice, a flat-headed middle-aged man wearing glasses surnamed Li, see us two together, warm greeting: “You are a young couple ready to see the wedding house? “I smiled awkwardly, to avoid unnecessary trouble, directly acquiesced to our relationship.

We followed him all the way upstairs, while listening to the introduction, “15 years I went to Changzhi (downtown), the house has been to my master live. A widow and old man, here at least plumbing and heating complete. “

I was curious to ask about a month’s rent, he mysteriously stretched out three fingers, quietly said: “10 yuan a day, 65 square feet, as a token of respect for the elderly.

Said the door was opened, the old man is not, a poorly decorated old rundown small show in front of me.

All around are mottled walls, wooden floor because of the age has been rolled edge, bedding on the bed also did not clean up, the kitchen hung with greasy dirt, the toilet less than 1 square meters, the shower head on the toilet, I and Sheng Chao successively frowned.

See our mind is not big, brother Li busy said the bed and cabinet are new, if we buy all directly send, but also warmly and we set up close.

He used to be a tile inspector down the well, the old man was a team leader under the mine before, each work surface to go, he has been followed by dry. The master used to live in the nearby Song village, but after the death of his partner son specifically to rent here, occasionally come back to see a day or two.

Song village has also been gradually hollowed out in recent years, with the young ones going out to work and many of those left behind surprisingly coming to Shiyao to buy houses.

Although the national coal to gas has saved a lot of trouble of making fire and adding carbon, but it is still not as cheap as living in a building, plus the inconvenience of living in a winter toilet and water. This also let almost dead through the Shi Oh knot and hooked up a glimmer of resurrection fire, which made him remember to hang the house on the agency.

“If it weren’t for the loss of work, I really wouldn’t want to leave my home of 10 years,” said Li, who has been coming to Shiyao to go down the well since he was 21 years old, now 17 years. Here he raised a son and a daughter, got a good wife, and made a group of brothers who have lived their lives – here are all the memories of his youth.

The house is the collective property rights of the unit at the time, and in 2009 he spent 100,000 to buy out and make the name his own. But if we want to buy it can not be changed.

“You can give the house book directly to you, it must be a large property right, but I don’t know why it seems that you can’t change the name now.” On the listing description, the suite also supports CPF loans for 20 years, with a down payment of 18,000 and a monthly payment of 238.

The homeowner intended to 60,000 out, see our will not much, Li took the initiative to give way, holding out four fingers: “The price can be negotiated, but the minimum can not exceed this number”.

The two of us looked at each other and said some pleasantries and then hurried to say goodbye.


“The prices here are too watery! “People did not go far, I complained on.

“Hegang is at least a city with a full range of parts and components, Shiyao is completely dead, what’s the point of buying a house? “Then I used half a bottle of real estate knowledge to begin to Shengchao lessons:.

Such decoration you can not want, certainly have to be redecorated, even if it is simple, demolition of the home plus the cost of the renovation novel also 50,000. This house mess down, no 100,000 simply can not live in;.

nearby no food market, supermarket, life is also a problem.

You still do not know here a few years on the class, 500 a month can be rented very good, why bother to buy a drag off the property, but also occupy a place ……

A count, Shengchao already dissatisfied more frustrated by what I said, sighing and asked, the world injustice is really a lot! I really don’t know who these people who say that Shi Oh house is selling well have sold their houses to.

Five minutes later, we had our answer.

The second seller could not be contacted, so we went directly into the Zhongxing district to explore the appointment.

Central Street as the boundary, Zhongxing District is divided into two areas of the north and south, we went into the south area. The seller missed the appointment, but accidentally found a note advertising the urgent sale of someone. With curiosity, I tore off a contact information went to the phone.

Just after introducing myself, the lady across the street began to chatter, what I just bought three months, the largest basement in the whole Shiyao Festival, complete with electricity, water and heating, overlooking the park with a wide view, her tone of urgency really fits the “urgent sale The urgency of her tone did fit the adjective “urgent sale”.

Seeing that we hadn’t made up our minds, the older sister rushed downstairs to pick us up.

The hallway was dark and narrow, and the voice-activated lights were broken, so reluctantly, we followed her up to the fourth floor. We were surprised to see that it was a small two-room apartment of 58 square feet, the decoration was old, but it was habitable.

The small living room was covered with a children’s carpet, piled with toys, and there were leftover meals and bottles and jars of trivialities on the table.

Big sister said she spent 30,000 yuan to clean up a bit of a human face, heating and sewerage all hired to fix, before it was simply disastrous.

Shengchao and I looked at each other and smiled, having just learned the actual power of these four words half an hour ago. “All Shi Oh section, also I spared these old bones to change teeth! “

The elder sister, who claims her surname is Chen, is working in the light room of the nearby Changchun mine, and is usually responsible for charging the mine lamps of workers who go down the well. Home in Changzi County, a remote rural area, married in 2010, and her husband lived in the town of North Fisher. The previous year found that her husband and the unit union female colleagues to get on, but also ruthless divorce.

In order to son’s custody, Chen sister with children away from home, at first rented in the vicinity of Changgang, mother farming, father has long since died, there is no help around, daily transport son, serving life has been exhausted, coupled with the neighborhood out into all colleagues, often gossiped about.

Seeing that her son has reached the age of school, Chen decided to buy a house, which is the only way to get out of the original environment quickly and get back a long-lasting sense of security.

With the 50,000 yuan of compensation from the divorce and a little of her own savings, Chen spent 70,000 yuan in June this year to buy this residence.

At that time, only heard that this place is cheap, she did not say anything and shelled out money, but the results did not expect that the school here is too few students, directly cut the second grade, fifth grade, sixth grade.

Chen regretted it and had to let her child continue to study in Changgang after one year. There are four commuter buses to and from Changgang here every day, but the time is not allowed, and it takes an hour to blow in the cold wind to wait for one trip.

Compared to the past, life in Shi Oh is more tiring and tedious: there is only one supermarket, no hospital, only three police officers at the police station, and you have to have a fixed time to buy food, otherwise there is no day to fight hunger. So she decided to rush out of the room.

“I was even bought with decoration spent 95,000, if you sincerely want, take 90,000 to me also! My basement is still with doors and windows it also cost a lot! “

Ninety-five thousand, far more than our heart’s ability to accept 30,000, I and Shengchao timidly goodbye to leave, as if no money into a sin as inferior.

Not far away was called by the sister, she caught up and asked: “You say, in the end, how much you want, as long as I can accept I will pay, here my children’s school is really a problem, see you drive, certainly a lot of convenience. “

Shengchao and I looked at each other, twisted head offer to test the other side of the bottom line. Only to see the big sister silent for a moment, asking whether it is okay to add 20,000 more, “50,000 yuan to buy a suite, I also posted the decoration, really not expensive. “

We expressed our gratitude and left each other contact information to say goodbye.


“50,000 yuan is not not, is really no one ah,” has not liked to interact with people Sheng Chao surprisingly complained about the quiet of the place.

“I didn’t think even our lone gentleman was afraid of no one ah”, I laughed and teased a couple of serious questions. “Are you really prepared to stay here for the rest of your life? Your future life should be able to see, is the next Shi Oh Festival ah! “

Shengchao no longer speaks, he does not know, although Wangzhuang mine production all the way up, but the mining survey has calculated its life cycle.

Conservative estimates, within five to eight years will be mined out, and my father has retired, and no longer say anything, then his where to go is also a big problem.

Sheng Chao stood on the river of time, clearly see the coordinates of their lives: “that time I will be more than 30, these years did not learn farts, by the time there are old and young, it is estimated that it is still not as good as others Li. “

After 2016, Wangzhuang mine no longer come to newcomers, to Shengchao as the representative of the young people is Wangzhuang mine the freshest blood, even if the blood has almost 30.

They contacted the Internet earlier and are keen on information, so many people save for a rainy day. Some take the civil service exam, some take the bank exam, there are dragging relations into the government department even to do a temporary worker.

Shengchao swayed, hesitant to choose.

Want to buy a house wish was knocked back by me step by step: “a good age, if you have little heart like stability is fine, obviously study so well, work so seriously but here to banish youth, I really feel for you! “

I hate iron cannot steel chanting, Shengchao achievement has been better than me, but the family’s only son can not go far, the university only enrolled in our Shanxi only a 211, and I believe in the horses, the sky and the sea to the north and south of the volunteer was finally admitted to a hospital in Guangdong.

The division of our lives began here.

After graduation, I stayed in Shenzhen to enter the Internet industry, Shengchao back home to the coal mine. Although the middle contact did not break, but the difference is getting bigger and bigger, I like social animals, day and night overtime life, wages also rose all the way up; but Shengchao is more and more silent, the circle of friends for several years have not heard from.

If it were not for the chance meeting half a month ago, I did not know he was living a life so poorly struggling.

“In fact, I also hesitate to change, I am the only one at home, my parents are old, if I leave them to go out and make a living, then if they have any shortcomings I am sure I can not live with it “, Shengchao’s voice is getting lower and lower, afraid of my reproach seems to be, “just graduated when I want to graduate school to Beijing, but my father found the relationship, said what also urged me to go home, not two times for the entry. “

He began to think that perhaps a way out, did not expect to be a dead end.

Just go to work, Shengchao heart is very strong, everything is done on their own initiative, hoping to work hard on two or three years and then find some relations to promote a deputy, but less than a year he sank with the general environment: here no matter how much you do is not the same.

No matter how much you do here, no one says you are good, a little power people always want to find things for you, do not understand the professional leadership, slippery colleagues and vain gossip neighbors.

This makes the serious university out of the Shengchao overwhelmed. He began to lose sleep all night, irritable, was diagnosed with anxiety, and later took more than six months of sick leave directly.

Life took on an absurd nature: he found that his salary was surprisingly small. After he came back, he figured out, what kind of job is born? What salary increase? Simply a pat on the back are not doing.

Every month to the last two decimal places of the salary is no less, sounded very happy, with a vengeful pleasure. Just see me again, he saw the change, only to find that our gap is getting bigger and bigger.


A morning without success, looking at two places as disappointed, we wandered the streets, trying to find something to eat to digest the bad mood, only to find that the only breakfast restaurant is also suspended because it is past the point of time.

At that moment, I suddenly saw the mine park in Shiyao, which was not green and comfortable in the cold wind, but only a dry yellow, in the spirit of Chinese “come all the way here”. In the spirit of the Chinese “come all come” the four words of the secret method of travel, I am excited to pull Shengchao together and turn in.

Some of the original mine equipment was dug out and stood on the hillside, in order to highlight their achievements, but also specially dyed in bright colors and made the introduction sign.

This was also when I realized the breadth of the underground coal world: not only were there trains shuttling through, but they were also layered into several layers. The purpose of this machine was engraved on each tin sign, only now, they are useless along with the Shiyao Festival.

As a red tourism base in Taihang and a pioneer of the coal industry, Shiyao was born to carry many political propositions. A group of leaders will visit this once glorious sea of coal whenever they visit Shanxi, but once they leave, the place will be restored to its true desolation, as I saw.

A grandfather in the communication room is lone guarding the TV, want to ask him something, he saw me with a cell phone to shoot east and west, but is alert to ask if we are journalists.

In the past years, many journalists came to report, but these years no one has come! There is no coal, what else to report! “He waved his hand and took a sharp puff of smoke, gulping out clouds of mist.

The only time the sun comes out every morning is to sweep the park to make it look like it’s still in business, and he spends his day watching TV.

He said the park has been empty for several years, originally wanted to transform into a green coal mine to develop tourism, but the place is bare where there is no tourist attractions, it was abandoned.

moncler outlet online The conversation turned to ask about our camp, “listen to your accent does not sound like a local”, I nodded.

“Now the young people are gone, capable people who are still in the coal mine ah”, afraid of what the grandfather said again, I immediately changed the subject, lest my good friend Shengchao look ugly.

But he is generous: Yes, want to later Wangzhuang mine, Changchun mine no coal, capable or not have to go ah.

On the way back, Shengchao received a MMS message from Sister Chen, and a full shot of the balcony and bedroom from all angles. The price can be negotiated if you like it.

We both looked at each other and smiled, and then buy can really be smashed into the hands. Not far from the smoke is still gray, and we came when there is no difference.


A month later, Taiyuan’s first subway finally opened.

I looked at the family group in their excited first experience of the subway, but also to Sheng Chao went to the message: “free to go back to Taiyuan to sit, fighting five or six years, the school door is finally a subway! “

We graduated when the subway began to dig, and now see the road through, marking the national capital of the second-tier city finally entered the era of rail transit. After a while to wait for a message from Shengchao: later can often sit, I intend to resign back to Taiyuan development.

A small gathering, Shengchao reconstructed himself. But the outside world has long been changing, Taiyuan blue sky and Changzhi compared, not much better.

In addition to the local people, and who cared about Shanxi was once the first rich province in the Republic of China. As for Shiyao, where housing prices are low, it won’t take long for people to forget its story.

Along with the depletion of coal resources, in Shanxi, began to be everywhere in the Hegang.