Tens of thousands of tourists from other countries travel to the U.S. for vaccinations Vaccine tour hits Vietnam media pages

A travel agency in Vietnam has seized the public’s desire for vaccination and plans to launch a vaccination trip to the U.S. The total cost may be as high as VND170 million (about US$7,150), but it is also a question whether the trip will go home smoothly under the control of Vietnam’s epidemic control.

As the global vaccine shortage and uneven distribution are hotly debated, a number of Vietnamese travel agencies have recently planned and released vaccination trips to the United States. As a result of the gimmick, they are dominating the media, even before the first deal is actually made.

The online media VnExpress reported that Ho Chi Minh City-based Hon Ngoc Hoa Travel Travel announced a trip to the United States for vaccination on the 17th. Le Van Tri, a travel agent, said the product is intended for short-term visits, family visits and high-income tourists who want to administer vaccines in the United States.

According to the report, a short 8-day trip costs VND44.99 million, including a one-way ticket from Ho Chi Minh City to a US city, a three-star hotel, and a Johnson & Johnson vaccination, which the tour guide will help book and accompany the traveler to administer.

Fiditour Travel is also planning to launch a tour to the United States for vaccination. The company’s manager Bao Thu said the company is carefully studying and discussing with its partners to ensure the feasibility of applying for a visa and to ensure that the return trip is safe for travelers, and details about the trip are expected to be released by the end of May.

Fiditour’s cautious attitude has raised concerns among many travelers who want to get vaccinated in the United States. As the global epidemic continues to fester, Vietnam has not yet restarted inbound commercial flights and currently only accepts certain business travelers on specific charter flights into Vietnam, so return tickets for travelers are a major issue.

Lai added that the cost of the return trip has to include the entry formalities, 21-day anti-epidemic hotel fees, screening fees, air tickets, etc. The reason why the return trip is not announced is that the cost of the return trip fluctuates. He said that if the return trip is added, the total cost may reach VND170 million.

Vu The Binh, executive vice president of the Vietnam Tourism Association, said the industry is not prohibited from planning and launching the trip, but travelers must still be isolated according to regulations when returning to Vietnam. And Vietnam has not yet adopted the “vaccine passport” measures, travel agencies must explain to travelers the current rules and whether Vietnam recognizes the U.S. vaccine.

The report pointed out that, at present, the United States Texas (Texas) has tens of thousands of travelers from Mexico and some other countries to vaccination. Some Thai travel agencies have also launched a vaccination trip to the United States in early May, the price between 2,400 U.S. dollars to 6,400 U.S. dollars.