Feng shui master: the Chinese Communist Party in Hong Kong set up a feng shui evil formation only one person can change! -[Precious Words, True Words] Sunset on Fragrant Hill: Chinese Communist Party has laid a feng shui foul formation to scourge Hong Kong

After nearly two years of turmoil in Hong Kong, everyone is rethinking the nature of the Communist Party, and many citizens have gradually come to realize its true nature as a rogue evil through reflection on history and reality.

But the Communist Party’s scourge on Hong Kong is not as simple as a political tactic. In fact, over the past few decades, the Communist Party has been using buildings to set up “feng shui formations” in Hong Kong, which are said to be insidious and sinister.

Hong Kong feng shui master, Yuyang Heung San, said in an interview with the Epoch Times’ “Precious Words” program that Hong Kong was originally a perfect piece of feng shui land. Tai Mo Shan and Phoenix Mountain, “Qian and Kun confront each other”, Qian position higher than the Kun position, divided into nine dragons; from the perspective of heavenly luck, Hong Kong in the southeast of Taiji “Yangji position”, not suitable for demons and evil monsters to enter, so there are few earthquakes, typhoons and tsunamis; Hong Kong surrounded by water, water is the main road to wealth, so Never poor.

However, because the British do not know feng shui, a hundred years ago in West Kowloon reclamation to build the Kai Tak Airport, a long runway will be separated from the water, inadvertently broke the feng shui of the surrounding five districts for the first time. “You should hug that pool of water so you’re big on money.” “How do you know to build a runway will be those water a partition straight out, the money are pouring diarrhea, so Hong Kong now no matter how those buildings are built, To Kwa Wan, Hung Hom, San Po Kong, Kwun Tong, the building does not rise in price.” “Hung Hom, Kwun Tong those (buildings) how you build are the lowest lower class.”

The difference is that the Communist Party is knowingly and deliberately sabotaging it. He pointed out that the CCP had been systematically destroying the feng shui of Hong Kong even before 1997 in order to control it. In fact, the Bank of China Tower, the “tallest skyscraper in Asia,” completed in 1989, resembles a “cold, shiny” knife with three prongs, which are said to be facing the then Governor’s House, the British Forces in Hong Kong and the HSBC building next to it. After its completion, HSBC’s performance inexplicably began to decline, so feng shui master gave HSBC the idea to install two 10-meter-long “feng shui cannon” on top of the building, aimed at the Bank of China Building, meaning “knife to gun”, and then HSBC’s performance improved.

After the handover of sovereignty to the Chinese Communist Party in 1997, careful Hong Kong people discovered that many of the buildings funded by the Hong Kong government and approved by Beijing were actually snake-shaped and visible to the naked eye. Such as the West Kowloon Express Rail Station, the cruise terminal, the Heart Sutra Jane’s Grove, the Cycling Museum Park, the Reunification Tower, the Central Link, the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge artificial island, the Golden Bauhinia, and the Hong Kong Reunification Monument.

He described the West Kowloon Express Rail Station is a very large entire snake head, and “wearing scales and armor”; Central Road deliberately around the snake mouth, so that all vehicles in front of the snake mouth straight out, forming a “viper spitting fog”, and put the head of the poisonous snake in front of the International Finance Building. Together with the big turtle of the Wanchai Convention and Exhibition Center, the Central Ferris wheel “three devils grab the pearl”, Hong Kong will never have peace.

The original perfect feng shui in Hong Kong

“Hong Kong (from) feng shui strictly speaking, is very complete, very perfect a place. First, the dry and Kun confrontation, our ancestral mountain is Tai Mo Shan (the highest mountain), Tai Mo Shan is a dry trigram position; Kun trigram position is now ‘Heart Sutra Jane Lin’ that Phoenix Mountain.” “If Big Hat Mountain is not high enough for Phoenix Mountain, then it is more powerful than him, that (Phoenix Mountain) is a woman to come, Kun Gua represents a woman, Qian Gua is a man, so the most important thing is that the Qian Gua position should be higher than the Kun Gua position.”

In fact, the two mountains are only a dozen meters apart, almost not similar, “to be divided into nine dragons, that place is good beyond compare.”

At the same time, not only the place should be good, but also have the heavenly luck with it. He said, Hong Kong is located in the Yang position, a bit of Yin from the south, then turn west along the Taiji; turn to the north when the Yin pole disappears, while a bit of Yang Qi is born. This cycle repeats itself.

“Hong Kong is in the southeast, what does southeast mean? At this position is the place where yang energy is at its peak, but it has not yet reached the south. Due south has yang out, it does not, so it will always be so full of yang. Those dirty things strictly speaking, demons and evil spirits come to Hong Kong is not suitable for it to survive.”

The Chinese Communist Party built facilities to break the Qiankun Gua position in Hong Kong

“The dry trigram position of Tai Mo Shan represents that head, and the stem represents the sky. That the Communist Party to break your head, it engaged in a military launch station there, those radar is to interfere with your head, what you do does not work, every day put those things. Hong Kong to do the official, to do the head are some scraps to come.”

On the other hand, Phoenix Mountain’s Heart Sutra Jane Lin is like “eight words of the snake, eight words to seal the throat”, is breaking Hong Kong’s Kun Gua position.

“That Buddha behind the mountain called Maitreya Mountain, Maitreya Buddha down, the devil is the most afraid of these things.” He pointed out that feng shui on the airflow through that neck flow to the whole body, thus opening up the meridians of the whole body, but the Chinese Communist Party nailed it, stuck it, “it would have been deliberate to engage in something like that, calculate the number how to line how to go, occupy that position.”

So, Maitreya is not doing things so smoothly in Hong Kong. But “will not get so that He can not do things. He said, for example, it is like a bench is messed up to only three feet, then do not sit on this bench, move another bench to sit. “He is the most powerful and powerful law in the universe, which can move? You move Him is self-seeking, self-destruction.”

A reporter once asked the abbot of Po Lin Monastery, was responded to the “eight characters” on behalf of the endless life, the result of that sentence soon after the death of people walking mountain in the heart of the Sutra Jane Lin. “You can read the newspaper and see that if you say that life never ends, how can (people die)? People walk the mountain, bad health will not even walk the mountain, and died there.”

“Feng Shui such things, evil and not evil is difficult to say, depending on the application of the person, the art is the same thing to come, you use to save people is also it, harm is also it, depending on the application of the person’s mentality. Those garbage, the garbage that harmed us in Hong Kong, must be the pigs and dogs of the Communist Party.”

The devil rules the world Maitreya strikes to change the fortune of heaven and earth

“What is this world now? Heaven and earth are changing their fortunes. Now this time, because humans can’t even get it right, it takes heaven to get it right, then the one that comes down is the most powerful one. Because demons and devils have taken over the whole world, fundamentally, in every aspect, not just in politics.”

He refers to the fact that the world is now ruled by God’s arch-enemy, the devil, and that even an orthodox religion like Christianity is occupied by the Vatican gang of trash, demons in religious garb. “The so-called clergy, pigs and dogs come on the fundamental, New Zealand has just broken out now, 260,000 sexually abused, abused children and women, all done by the clergy.” But before, “people are afraid to pay attention, the police and the government are afraid to accept.”

He wrote years ago that Hong Kong is ruled by the “twin demons” of the snake and the tortoise. Because snakes and turtles are hibernating, but also the two most likely to live a long life into the essence of the two. “Those two in the great northwest of God’s country there, hibernating and become. Hibernation below no yang energy has yin energy, so those devils magic is very powerful.” “But how powerful is useless, lack of yang energy can never become immortal, can not go to heaven, so it can only become a demon.”

He said that even if the demon king itself is very powerful, but Hong Kong often Yang’s place can not be changed. Feng Shui can not only talk about the underground, must be with the heavenly luck, the heavenly luck and then the underground. “You come to that place are not suitable for you, for example, you itself a pile of waste paper, placed there in the steel furnace, can you survive? Can not. No need to throw it down, the heat next to it has dissolved you.”

So even though the Chinese Communist Party has gone to great lengths to destroy Hong Kong’s feng shui, it cannot destroy the position of the constant Yang in the sky. “Only one person can change it, and that Maitreya Buddha who came down this time can change it, because He is the Creator and that bureau was set up by Him.”

Although human cultivation is limited and cannot clean up that gang of demonic spirits, the sky will not allow those demons and devils to harm the world. “What man cannot do, that heaven will intervene and that God truly Himself will come down and clean up those people.”

“The devil is ruling our world, not just that aspect of politics alone, every aspect of controlling money and wealth, controlling your religion, all of it is the devil. So really doing something is not that easy to do.”

He believes that Hong Kong people are chosen by God, there are more than one billion people in China, not everyone can be reborn to Hong Kong. The opportunity to live in Hong Kong is already a blessing, many people are born in the blessing do not know the blessing. Look at how much more miserable mainlanders are than Hong Kong people.

“I was born in the mainland, I have experienced all the movements, landlords, the three anti, five anti, the Kuomintang left those who could not leave as officials, soldiers those, pulled to shoot. The Anti-Rightists fought against its own intellectuals until they didn’t even know their mothers. I was also in the mainland during the Cultural Revolution, and I was a Red Guard.”

He pointed out that the origin of the Communist Party leaders, 90% of them are the countryside farming, forced to rebel and seize the world, “all are garbage to come, no culture, nothing. Mao Zedong those Hunan country boys, Xi Jinping those Shaanxi plant sorghum, graduated from elementary school just in time for the Cultural Revolution.” “He told you Tsinghua or, what what university doctorate, master’s degree those, nonsense to come. Your life time is put out for people to see well.”

He stressed that the Chinese Communist Party, no matter how much destruction in Hong Kong, in the end it is useless. Because now is the time when Sakyamuni said the future Buddha “Maitreya”, the Creator of the Western religion, the Communist Party rampant rebellion against heaven will certainly be self-destructive.