Couple “love chain bondage for 3 months” feelings warmed up without quarrel

Ukrainian couple Alexander (Alexander Kudlay) and his girlfriend Victoria (Viktoria Pustovitova) often quarrel and break up, in order to improve the two people get along, Alexander proposed to Victoria to carry out “love tied together” experiment, the results brought The result brought unexpected effect, so they vowed to maintain until marriage.

The comprehensive foreign media reports, 33-year-old Alexander and 28-year-old Victoria often quarrel, at least once a week to break up, in February this year, the two again dispute, Alexander in order to save the relationship, they proposed to Victoria with a chain tied to each other’s wrists, on behalf of “I want to stick with you”, Victoria at first very rejected, then changed his mind and decided to try. After changing her mind, she decided to give it a try.

After the experiment began, the two people’s lives faced a huge change, almost no private space, often need to help each other, Alexander was very uncomfortable, and only after gradually adapt to, although the two people will be the same arguments, but both sides are not as angry as before to turn their heads away, but will pause to talk, calm down a little.

However, this experiment is not smooth, Victoria’s wrist was scraped by the chain for a long time, the skin is seriously inflamed, ulcerated, and even warned by the doctor must terminate the experiment, but she bandaged and put on a wrist brace, choose to continue to persist, Victoria said that the experiment began, she was in a nervous mood.

Alexander confessed that the process of the two people stuck together 24 hours a day, even walking will appear “to the right, to the left” contradictory situation, so he began to get bored with each other, but in a calm thought and communication, the two people do not intend to give up the experiment, but also vowed to continue until marriage.

The experiment carried out by the two has now broken Ukrainian and world records, becoming the couple who have been tied together for the longest time. They also plan to film a reality show, the money earned will not only be donated to charity, but also consider using some of it to help themselves and their relatives to buy a house, the specific plan is still under discussion.

Victoria’s wrist was cut by the chain and her skin became severely inflamed and ulcerated, but she chose to wear wrist guards (circled in red) to continue the experiment. (Taken from Wecontacted IG)