Mainland 5 experts in Vietnam to study the epidemic footprints throughout the concert hall massage hall things are not simple

The five-member delegation from mainland China contracted the epidemic during the quarantine in Vietnam, but was exposed by netizens as having a rich itinerary in the region.

The five experts from mainland China were infected with the epidemic after their visit to Vietnam last month. The mainland netizens played the spirit of Conan and found that the five traveled to karaoke halls, massage parlors and other places from the official epidemic information released by Vietnam.

According to the mainland’s Beijing Evening News, the five experts were detected as confirmed pneumonia patients on April 30 when they entered the country from Guangxi after a study tour in Vietnam. Although the authorities only downplayed the fact that the delegation stayed in a hotel in quarantine after entering Vietnam, and that there were other Indian confirmed patients staying in the hotel, some netizens found that the matter was not simple after tracing their footprints.

According to the official epidemic investigation information of Vietnam, the mainland netizens believe that the 5 experts should be infected by the Indian confirmed patients in the same hotel first, however, the group was released from isolation from the hotel on April 23, they went straight to “a karaoke hall” in Vinh Phuc province of Vietnam, and the 5 inspectors also patronized the local massage room on the 26th of the same month, and these 2 business places from the beginning of May Since the beginning of May, there are 7 escort princesses, 5 spa girls were diagnosed, tracing the source of infection found to have links with the delegation.

Not only that, the two places of business have successively appeared about 20 confirmed patients who were infected one after another, and the study tour even spread the poison all the way, including passengers of domestic flights in Vietnam, other hotel guests and local colleagues who received the study tour were all affected, and there were many confirmed patients.

The Beijing Evening News only downplayed the process of the group’s infection, but netizens did not believe the story. (Taken from Weibo)

The netizen cited evidence to analyze the itinerary of the missionaries, but because the mainland officials did not make it clear, he could only use “well-known entertainment venues” to allude to the mission’s entertainment activities, and focused his analysis on “the Indian variant of the virus is really scary,” and the article has now been The article has been locked on its own.

The article quickly spread on the mainland Internet, netizens saw the authorities downplaying the exploits of the mission, and could not help but say that “they are experts in helping ‘lost women’ in Vietnam”, and also “Beijing Evening News” report “be bold”. The report of the Beijing Evening News was “bold” and clearly stated the itinerary of the mission in Vietnam; in addition, Vietnam has been the top student of epidemic prevention in Southeast Asia since the outbreak of the epidemic, but this has broken the success, which also made mainland netizens feel “quite unhappy”.

The netizen analysis expert mission article has been locked text, leaving only the inventory page.