Local confirmed 321 new cases Chen Shizhong: Taiwan’s epidemic as a whole did not break out

The Taiwan Epidemic Command Center announced today (22) that there are 321 new confirmed local cases and an additional 400 corrected cases have returned. However, the positive test rate did not rise again in these 2 days, and the commander of the Epidemic Command Center, Chen Shih-chung, said that overall, there is no outbreak in Taiwan.

The number of confirmed cases in Taiwan remains high, with 321 new local cases added on Saturday, with the largest number of confirmed cases in Xinbei and Taipei, and even the more remote Hualien, where zero cases were confirmed, breaking the record with three new cases. There are still 121 cases of unknown clusters.

In addition, since the expansion of this wave of local epidemic, there is a time lag in the notification of confirmed cases, coupled with serious traffic congestion, so after the case check and return to correct the number of notifications last week, there are 400 more confirmed cases of local today.

The good news is that, according to Commander Chen Shizhong, the daily positivity rate has not increased recently, but has stabilized: “(The results of the tests) on the whole until May 15, when the positivity rate was the highest, reaching 6.3. Then in the past few days, it has maintained a range from 2.2 to 2.9, so it seems that in the epidemic, there is no outbreak. The entire view is not a situation of outbreak.”

Chen said that the wave of local epidemic hot areas, or Taipei City Wanhua area, as well as the surrounding New Taipei City traffic routes, such as the frequent places.

Since May 1, the highest rate of positive tests fell on the 15th at 6.3%, and has remained stable in recent days. (Photo: Taiwan Central Epidemic Command Center)

Just on the 15th, the day of the highest positive test rate, President Tsai Ing-wen of the Republic of China called on Taiwan to have the ability and confidence to ask everyone not to be overly panicked, and to make sure to remain calm, cool and united. As long as we remind each other and support each other, Taiwan will definitely get through this difficult time again.